Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Marvel Universe Psylocke

Surprised to see this on the pegs.  I can't remember the last time I got a new Marvel Universe figure from local retail. Happy to have gotten it.  

Some differences on the card. There's character art behind the Marvel wording on the back and Deadpool is now on advertising duty.

In place of thte Hammer/Shield logo on the card is a "collectable comic shot".

The first thing I noticed about this figure is her hair. I think the strands are too thick and they look like snakes. Together with her mean facial expression, she's got the "Medusa" look about her. She looks abit better from certain angles though. Would have liked if she had straighter hair and a more youthful appearance. The body is the same as most other Marvel Universe female characters. Paint wise is pretty bad. Her face is a paler shade compared to the other exposed parts of her body. The bands on her arms and thighs are uneven and patchy. Would have liked if a little lighter shade of blue was used for her costume. 

She comes with a psionic sword and energy spike. She does not come with a base like with previous figures. There're no bases with this wave of figures.

Click to enlarge

She can only hold the sword in her left hand. The grip is rather loose. I got her holding the hilt in some of the shots.

For articulation, shes got a ball joint neck, head rotation is hindered by her hair. Shoulders have ball and hinge. Elbows are single hinge. There's wrist swivel, torso pivot, waist rotation, ball joint hips, double jointed knees and ankles have swivel and hinge. 

Some group shots.
Jubilee has already been announced, now we need Rogue.

Forming X-Force will be a costly effort. It's very unlikely I'll get Archangel. Unless he's released again, maybe in matte colours.

Looks like she's found a sparring partner.
That's it for Psylocke. Thanks for viewing.    


Christian said...

she needed more Asian straight hair. She also needed a new face, new arm and leg articulation. Then she would have been a homerun.

googum said...

Not bad. I'm trying to give up Marvel Universe, and bide my time until Legends come back in force. We'll see if I make it...

flywheels said...

I don't normally buy X-Men related characters, but I have always liked Psylocke and this figure looks really nice.

I love the new comic shot inserts!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

cool! have to keep an eye peeled now that i know she's showing up- who's the funky Spidey in the last shot?

Jason said...

@christian - agree with you.

@googum - hope you make it. I'll have to drop some MU for ML too.

@colbey - those comic shots are nice but would prefer they kept the bases.

@super - thats Sword Attack Spidey from the 3.75" line. The figure has no elbow articulation. Accessories are cool though.

Ulisses said...

Wich wave is that Beast from?

Jason said...

@ulisses - the Beast is from the Toybiz Superhero Showdown line.