Friday, December 23, 2011

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Daredevil & Bullseye Comic 2-pack

Daredevil and Bullseye were part of the very first series of Marvel Universe figures. They've been released again in this 2-pack with major improvements.  

Daredevil is a great figure. Like that he's on the newer Commander Rogers type body. Its nice and proportianate and it suits him. The head sculpt is great. Especially like the scowl on his face, and also how his eyes stand out. Like the tone of red used and also the black wash, it helps highlight the muscles more and makes him look less "plasticky". One thing I don't like is that the pouch is conneceted to his belt. It hinders leg articulation. There's already stress marks on the connecting strap due to my trying to pose the figure. Am unfortunate that my figure has a badly warped left knee, hope you have better luck with your figure.   

He comes with his billy clubs. He can hold them well. The billy clubs I got were already warped, its not due to his grip. They can be attached together to form a longer weapon. When separated, the clubs can be stored in the pouch. Its a very tight fit though.   

Hes got very good articulation. Hes got a ball hinge neck. He can look up and down really well. Shoulders are ball and hinge, biceps swivel, elbows have single hinge and wrists have swivel. There's torso pivot and waist rotation. Hips are ball jointed. Theres thigh swivel, double jointed knees, shin swivel and ankles have pivot and hinge. 

Shadowland Daredevil was released later than this comic pack. That figure still uses one of the older moulds. Its clear to see which is the better figure.

Bullseye is also a good figure, just not as good as Daredevil in my opinion. He's got a similar body. Don't like the head sculpt. He looks too friendly. His michievious grin is more suited for a prankster than an assassin like him. Would have preferred if he were more sinister looking. Nice that the bullseye on his forehead is sculpted. Not sure if he wore a costume with that many rings though. His holster in connected to his belt and again it hinders leg articulation. Paint is pretty good, just that there's too much blue on some of the white areas. Just noticed he's got a revervsed right shin, I'll have to fix it later.       

Bullseye comes with a throwing knife and a handgun. Both are made of soft plastic and are rather flimsy. It can be quite troublesome to get him to hold the gun properly. And the knife is too small for him to hold. The gun can be kept in the holster on his leg and the knife in the sheath on his back.  

Like that the knife can be kept on his back. Sneaky.

Articulation is the same as Daredevil's. Ball hinge neck, ball and hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, single hinge elbows, wrists swivel, torso pivot, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees, shin swivel and pivot and hinge ankles.

With this figure, its more believable he posed as Hawkeye.

The first release of these two are poor in comparison with the comic pack versions.

Some more comparison and group shots.

This is a great 2-pack! I don't usually like getting repeat characters but this time its worth it. Now I hope we get a new 3.75" Elektra. The Toybiz Showdown one doesn't cut it.  


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