Sunday, December 18, 2011

Spider-man line 3.75" Shocker

Hey toy fans! It's your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man! Bet you didn't expect to see me again after what happened last time.* I thought I was a goner, but then a giant hand came out of nowhere and carried me to safety. Its been months since that incident, I didn't hear from that toy guy again until recently. He said he had a special assignment for me. I wasn't too keen at first. But after hearing him out, I took the job.

(*See the post on the Lizard - Jason.)

So here we are back at the location where toys seem to pass through. I was informed of my assignment before hand this time. It's the Shocker. According to the file I was provided, he's from Canada. Funny, I always thought he was from New York. The packaging is similar to the Lizard's. Let's see "Att...aque Au Missile".... "Lanza...dores que se enga...chan".... I think its obvious languages is not one of my strong suits.

The packaging suddenly disappeared. It didn't surprise me this time. I swung around him taking several shots with my camera. Ol Shocker looks in good shape I must say. From his eyes, he appears possessed. Maybe its just my imagination. There's nice detail on the yellow areas of his costume. The lines always seemed drawn on when I faced him. And he must have just got it back from the cleaners. His leather like vest, gloves and pants are looking shiny and spotless.          


I remember figures needed some time before they awakened. I decided to drop in for a closer look. Hmmm, if my costume had this much padding, I would have less bruises. But would I be able to move freely. Let's see.  I managed to lift his arm and stretch it, bend and rotate his elbows. (ball/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows). Nope, not enough flexibility for me. Huh? His suit is starting to vibrate.   

Uh-oh! He turned his head! He's awake already?!?

I took him down before he gained full mobility.

Spider-sense tingling! But what?!?

Arrghh! I suddenly found myself wrapped up. Scorpion! He shouted something about not geting a post. I wasn't listening. I was wondering why I didn't move.

I struggled against my restraints. Shocker went to get his shock blasters. Hang on, when did those appear? And what are those missiles supposed to be, christmas decorations?

Better think of something quick Spidey, or you're done for.

Then, a funny thing happened. As Shocker was about to blast me, he fell. I seem to remember something similar occuring to someone I knew.*

(See the post on Web Strike Spider-man - Jason.)

I felt Scorpion relax his grip. I pushed backwards and grabbed him...

... and flung him over my shoulder, sending him crashing into the Shocker.

They recovered quickly and fired at me. I went for cover.

(Swivel hinge hips and knees)


It seems security was provided for me. Some old friends showed up as I was battling Scorpion. 

We made quick work of  Shocker. We then dropped him and Scorpion off at the minimum security prison known as The Shelf.

Man, these assignments can be dangerous. Luckily everything turned out alright, for me anyway. That's all for now.


flywheels said...

I have to say this figure looks underwhelming when compared to the other villains. Thanks for sharing though.


Oh man, I gotta get me one of these! Interesting work with Jango Fett. I recently posted him on my site as well, check it out!