Saturday, August 27, 2011

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2011 Part 5

Part five, cosplay and everything else.

Kipi, a well known cosplayer from Japan was a guest at the event and showed us her stuff. She was very popular, evident from the hordes of fans and photographers.    

She had a panel, Cosplay: From Japan with Love. On the panel with her was Tadaaki "Jacky" Dosai, an editor for the Cosmode magazine. They shared with us things like their most memorable cosplays and some cosplay tips. They were also judges of the cosplay competition which I did not stay for. I checked the results online. Roy from Singapore cosplaying as War Machine won. 

And now, a look at some of the cosplayers at the event. I didn't recognise most of the characters. They were from anime or manga. Here are some that I did recognise.  

All the cosplay pics may be viewed here.

I initially had concerns about the stage. After seeing its location, I thought it was a good place to hold the various panels and events. The stage was sectioned off from the main event hall. There was not as much noise disturbance as compared to last year. On stage, there were two large screens so those at the back could better see what was going on. There was a good number of seats and ample standing room behind. I prefered to stand as it was easier to take photos. I miss the theater.  

Held on stage were cartoon screenings for the kids, various panels and spotlight sessions,  a Zaneeds performance and the cosplay competition.

In the same sectioned off area was the Walk of Fame, where you could meet various guests and get their autographs.

I like the use of the screens this year.

Right, that about cover its.

Thanks to Reed Exhibitions. I'm going to sit in the middle and say this years' edition was neither good nor bad. It was a little boring for me, that's why I had time to take so many pics! I'm just kidding. The event was well organised. I liked the Hot Toys booth the most, followed by the Marvel and DC booths. The booths selling toys could use a little more room. The panels and spotlight sessions held consecutively can get boring for the neutral attendee. Could use a little more variety, like last year, there was a short concert, the stunt show and the "making of" presentations. 

So what would I like to see next year. My suggestions will be leaning more towards the toys section. First up will have to be a Hasbro booth. The Marvel Legends toy line returns next year. Would love to see these figures showcased and sold at the con, along with the Marvel Universe toy line. Not only that, Hasbro will have product from the Avengers, the Amazing Spider-man and G.I.Joe: Retaliation movies. Throw in Transformers and Star Wars and this will be a great booth. This will depend on when the con is held next year.              

For Mattel. Next year will be the 30th annivesary of Masters of the Universe. It'll be nice to have a showcase of the vintage and classics line. Maybe see if the Four Horsemen would like to come, they also have their own line of exclusive figures. Dark Knight Rises movie is next year too so there's bound to be toys on that. WWE should be popular, and there's the possibility of bringing in a superstar. 

Regarding guests. How about some voice actors. Peter Cullen and Mark Hamill come to mind, and I'm sure they'll be a hit.  

That's it for STGCC 2011. I look forward to next years con. I'll leave you with some remaining pics.

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