Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2011 Part 3

In part three, I'll be showing you some of the various booths at the convention.

The local post office had a booth, offering some interesting items like the Spider-man Ultimate 50 stamp set, featuring various Spider-man covers. There was also a Marvel Comics stamp set, featuring covers from Captain America, Iron-Man and the Fantastic Four.

Singapore Post also had some Tokidoki items to offer, like the Tokidoki MyStamp figurine set. 

You could also catch Simone Legno, the creator of the Tokidoki brand, at the booth. 

Simone Legno

Sticking with Tokidoki, here's a look at their booth, they had various shirts and caps for sale.

The Play Imaginative booth. They carried items such as TO-FU figures and Gloomy bears. Vinyl Mickey Mouse figures too. They had some on display and also custom ones.

Otaku House.

Harris Planerds had a wide selection of graphic novels, TPBs, various toys and statues for sale.

They also brought in some SDCC exclusives.

And you could catch some local talent at their booth.

At the SGFinest booth, you could test your skills in various games. The main event was the Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament. There was often a big crowd watching the matches.

Tamiya track. 

Various card game tournaments at Rapid Culture.  

See Star Wars characters at the Star and 501st Legion booth. For a small fee which goes to a good cause, you could fire a Nerf gun at the Stormtroopers and have your picture taken with them. 

There was also a large Clone Trooper display.  

Like in their previous displays, there were easter eggs. The following are what I found.

Click here for part 4.

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