Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DC Action League series 3

This series has been out in the US for a couple of months. Happy to have finally got them.

Batman Vs Deathstroke
Batman is a repaint of the same figure from series 2. He's wearing an all black costume. Its supposed to resemble the costume from the first Batman movie. I don't really like the look but I love the figure.
Deathstroke is a nice figure. The bright orange parts of his costume make him stand out. He's got some nice detail like the scales of his armour. He's carrying two weapons which are not removeable. Love that they gave him those. The sword looks more of a knife. Looking at the following picture again, I can imagine him telling Batman, "You call that a knife ? This is a knife."       

Kilowog Vs Zilius Zox

This pack is one of two from this series that I consider a must have. These two characters have new and unique sculpts. And they are fun to play with.

Kilowog is taller and bigger than the regular figures. He stands around three inches tall, which puts him a head above the regular sized figures. He's only got articulation at the shoulders and waist. I love this figure. One minor issue is that he looks a little fat around the chin and neck.

Zilius Zox is a great figure. Love the sculpt. Especially the open mouth and teeth. Height wise, he just reaches the chest of a normal sized figure. He's only got articulation at his shoulders. 


Hal Jordan & Saint Walker

This is my least favourite pack of the series. Hal is the same figure from series one, now spotting a half green, half blue lantern costume, resembling how he appeared in the comic. This will be kept away as I always prefer the normal look of characters.

Saint Walker is a decent figure. He's a skinny character and I think thats been translated pretty well to the figure. He has a thinner body and limbs. Unfortunately for me, my figure lacks any ring design. Its just a blue circle on his finger. 

Hal has a green energy fist which fits on his left hand. I'm not sure, but shouldn't it be blue for the left side ? Anyway, always happy to get accessories with these figures. 


Superman & Wonder Woman

This is the other must get pack of this series. For we get the first female Action League figure, and it's Wonder Woman. Great looking figure. Like her sweeping hair, but it restricts her neck articulation. Her only other articulation points are her shoulders. The symbol on her chest is sculpted on. Nice that there are some stars on the lower part of her costume, would have liked some on the rear as well.    

Superman is the exact same figure from series one. He appears again after only two waves. Great for those who didn't get him previously. Would have preferred a new character. Cheetah perhaps, but I doubt Mattel would go for two females in a single pack.

Three waves and we have the big three. Good stuff.


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