Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tech Deck Sk8 Parks (Stairs and Ramp)

Have I started collecting Tech Deck ? Fortunately no. But some of their playsets might be worth a look. They can work with 3.75" scale and smaller figures .

I've been looking into how I could enhance my displays. I've seen several pictures of figures being used with Tech Deck playsets. Most notably the Street Tours Hollywood High playset. I would have liked to get that set but I don't think it made it to local retail. I spotted this Sk8 Parks set and thought I try it out. It costs ten dollars more than a Marvel Universe figure. Pricey for two pieces of plastic, and I really only wanted the stairs. Luckily there was a sale going on which made this set more affordable. And so I picked it up.

This set is made up of two separate pieces, a set of stairs and a ramp. Both are made to look like concrete and have some nice details like cracks, chips and scratches on them.

You can arrange the pieces in whatever way you want.

Would have liked if they gave more room at the top of the stairs. I think there's a flat platform in the line that can be used but I won't be spending more on these at the present time.

Underneath there are rubber stoppers at the corners to prevent the pieces from moving. 

There's a skate board that comes with the set. The rough surface of the board is like the actual thing. You're supposed to "skate" with your fingers and negotiate obstacles, in this case the stairs and ramp. Its just a bit too big for 3.75" scale figures to use. 

I've tried out some toy lines with the stairs. I think its a good fit. The figures look great if you just stand them on the steps. But if you want a figure to climb the stairs or do an action pose, its not easy to do. It also depends on the figures' articulation.  

Figures with capes have trouble standing. There's not enough height difference in the steps for them. 

I felt one wasn't wide enough, so I bought two.

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