Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2011 Part 2

Part two will be on Marvel and DC. Marvel returned for the second straight year and DC made its debut at the convention proper, bringing with them a number of artists and writers.   

The look of the Marvel booth was a big improvement from last year which was plain. This year, it was bright and well decorated with large pictures of Marvel characters. There was also a display shelf showcasing various Marvel items and a screen where you could watch the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon. And on sale was an exclusive variant cover to Captain America #1 drawn by Harvey Tolibao, limited to one thousand copies. 

The booth was often crowded with people taking photographs and of course autograph seekers. 

The Marvel guests this year were C.B Cebulski, Kieron Gillen, Carlo Pagulayan, Harvey Tolibao, Mico Suayan and Stephen Segovia. Though I'm not familiar with their work, I took the opportunity to meet some of them and get their autographs.

Carlo Pagulayan

Harvey Tolibao

Marvel revealed earlier this year that they had signed Benjamin Ang, who made the shortlist in Marvel's portfolio review at last year’s STGCC. He is the first Singaporean to be signed to Marvel.  Here's a look a some of his work.

There was a Marvel panel again this year. We got to learn more about the talent, like how they got into comics, who was their favourite villain, who they didn't like to draw etc. The session was okay, it just needed someone like Esad Ribic to liven things up. Harvey Tolibao tried but I think he overdid the "boobs" bit.  

DC had its own booth this year. It looked just as great as the Marvel booth. On sale was the exclusive edition of the first issue of Flashpoint, limited to one thousand copies. 

DC had two guests. They were Ardian Syaf and Paul Levitz. I kind of feel bad for them as there didn't seem to be as many people visiting them as compared to Marvel. On the plus side, fans could request for sketches and chat with them longer.    

Paul Levitz

Paul Levitz was President of DC and his works include Superman and Legion of Super Heroes.  He had two sessions on stage, one spotlight session and the other on the Comic Creators East Meets West panel. 

You could collect badges from the DC booth. This was what I got over two days. I think I'm missing one with the DC logo. 

I bought both the exclusive comics. I had them and a couple of posters autographed.

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