Friday, September 2, 2011

Justice League Unlimited STRIPE

I've been wanting a JLU STRIPE figure for a long time, so much so that I made a custom of him back when around Stargirl was released in the three-pack to stand in. There's a pic of that below. I'm glad to have got this figure, my custom is cracking up, literally. 

STRIPE is a pretty good looking figure. He's big and tall as he should be. I think he could use more bulk though, he seems a bit thin. There's supposed to be a man in the suit after all. His arms seem a bit too long. There's some nice sculpted detail on him, hope you can make out the lines and panels in the pics. Surprised to see it. With JLU, I assumed Mattel would have left it plain and smooth. He's made in a pearl white colour. Would have prefered if he were plain white. As it is, he'll appear sun damaged compared to the rest of the figures. He has the same articulation as most other JLU figures, at the neck, shoulders and hips.

He comes with interchangeable heads, one helmet and one of Pat Dugan. The heads can be easily removed and replaced. I think this way is better than having the helmet fit over his head. The helmet may be too big if that were the case. 

I'll have to get a Stargirl custom done one day...   

A quick comparison. He stands more than a head taller than the standard size figure. 

He looks good with the oversized figures too.

Although of a good size, I like him to be taller and bigger. Like my custom. He's pretty bad I know, but I like the size. The base is an animated Spawn figure in case you're wondering.

STRIPE fills a big gap in my collection. I look forward to the remaining releases.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Greatness!! Me likey :D And by the way, I think your custom is pretty cool, actually... nice job

Jason said...

Thanks! If you're looking to get STRIPE, he's currently listed as sold out on Matty. But like the previous JLU figures, I suspect he'll be up for sale again.

Unknown said...

Extremely well done figure! Like it.