Friday, September 30, 2011

Thor Comic Series 6" Loki

Have been looking forward to this Loki figure. The ML13 one didnt last long on the display shelf. I have limited space. His horns were long, the cape was too big and he kept falling so he had to make way. Even when I changed the display, for some reason, I always passed on him. Finally this major villain gets a spot on the shelf.

Not used to seeing him him in this outfit. He's a nice looking figure. Especially like the face sculpt. He's got an angry, pissed off expression. One thing though is that he is looking downwards a little. Like the fur details. The shoulder covers remind me a bit of Kraven. Like the arm detail and the black figernails. The knee joints on my figures are weak and I have trouble posing him. 

Articulation. The head can rotate. Shoulders have ball and hinge, he can only raise his arms till the fur. There's bicep swivel, double jointed elbows, wrists have swivel and hinge. Torso pivot. Rotating and hinge hips, sorry not sure what to call this. The whole leg rotates upwards, can't really do much with this. There's double jointed knees and ankles have swivel and hinge. 

That's as far as his arms can be raised.

A good thing is the fur cover can be removed...

... and maybe be used for a pillow.

The hips in action.

He's taller than ML13 Loki and Walmart Thor by around half a head, or by the back of his head.

He's shorter than the MS Thor by half a head and just slightly shorter than the movie Thor.

He'll look good on the shelf, but just in a standing position.

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

he's cool! can't wait to see the bearded Lord os Asgard Thor from these new 6"