Thursday, October 6, 2011

Revoltech War Machine

Iron Man has a  new playmate.

He looks off. Can't quite put my finger on it. Looking at him from the front, I think the center chest section which goes down to his pelvis is too wide.  And with the V shape "pants", it makes it seem his abdomen is long. He's out of proportion. The torso is too big and legs too thin, the calf area especially. He looks awkward in certain poses. The armor is flatter compared to the Hasbro version. The higher portions of the armor are not raised as much. Paint application is pretty good. The letterings, numbers and symbols are sharp. The silver areas have to handled with care as they can be scratched easily.       

The back of his legs look flat.

Articulation is great as you expect from a Revoltech figure. I like the various ways his shoulder cannon can be positioned. The silver thigh flaps can be opened and closed too.

One area which I don't like is the placement of hip joint. He looks fine in a running pose, but if we pose his legs sidewards, it'll appear the joint is on his upper thigh. 

For accessories he's got the shoulder cannon. The guns on his arms come preattached and they can be removed. Would have liked if he came with the rectangular missile launcher as well. There are also gun blasts effects which I like a lot. They are darker and richer in colour. One thing though is that some of the points are very sharp. He also comes with two extra pairs of hands.

You can use the blast base from Iron Man with him.

He's slightly shorter than the Hasbro version and around the same height as the Initiative War Machine. 

He's the same height as the Revoltech Iron Man.

I think the Hasbro War Machine looks better. Unless you're planning to do some serious posing, I think you can give this Revoltech War Machine a miss.  

Click to check out Revoltech Iron Man.

Some additional comparison pics of Hasbro and Revoltech War Machine


deSMOnd said...

Great and detailed reviews of your War Machine figures..Keep collecting bro!!

WarMachine said...

Nice review!
Your review is the only one that I could find that has a comparison with the Hasbro 6inch version.
Would you be kind enough to post more comparison pics between the revoltech and the hasbro one?
I'm really debating on which one to get.

Jason said...

Thanks all for the comments!

@War Machine - I uploaded a few more pics. Follow the link at the bottom of the post. Hope it helps.

WarMachine said...

Thanks alot Jason!
These extra pictures will definitely help me in my decision. I'm leaning towards the Hasbro one as I like the sculpt better, even if it does not have the Revo's articulation and nice accessories.
However, I may go for the Revoltech one depending on their prices and availability.

Thanks again!