Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Steel Deluxe Figure 6" ATOM

Recently caught the movie. Loved it! Went to check out the toys. Decided on the 6" version. Was thinking for five dollars more, it would be more worth it as I would get a bigger toy. The line must be pretty popular as it took some time before I found this piece.    

Atom is a really nice looking figure. He's well sculpted and has great detail. His whole body is covered with knocks and dents. There are not many flat surfaces on him. This figure would probably still look just as good even after rough play. Good paint too. His whole body has a tarnished and worn appearance and looks to have some dirt and grime on him.  

Note the two circular parts on his backside. I'll be mentioning them again in a bit.

Like the Atom wording on his chest. 

Articulation is rather disappointing. The head can be turned at most forty-five degrees each side. The arms once raised will drop back to his sides due to the action feature. You can get them to stay in certain positions. There's actually hinge joints on his shoulders. You can move his arms sidewards a bit. The action feature and shoulder design prevents the use of those joints. Elbows are single jointed and wrists have swivel. The waist can be turned to a point each side, but due to a spring feature, it'll turn back to the front. 

The worst part are the hips. He cannot do a running pose despite the ball and hinge joints. You can rotate the hinge to the front but the circular parts I mentioned earlier prevents it from being used. The knees have single hinge joints and the ankles can rotate.  

His action feature is a double uppercut. Push the button on his back to activate it.

I think the following line-up of characters would make for a more action packed movie. Lol. Back on topic, though Atom is supposed to be 6" scale, he is closer to 8". As you can see in the height difference between him and Iron-Man.

Looking online, I think the 3.75" version offers more poseability. Maybe I should have gotten that instead. Anyway, if you're planning on just getting one for display, this is a great figure to get. And if you haven't watched the movie, do try and catch it!   


oloap said...

Where did you buy this? Thanks.

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