Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Marvel Universe Astonishing Wolverine

Its been awhile since my last Wolverine figure purchase. Well... not counting those that came in multi-packs that is. This costume is my second favourite after the tiger striped version.

This is a nice looking figure. Good proportions. Like the head sculpt, especially his snarling expression. One thing I don't like is he's stuck looking downwards. I like the lighter shade of yellow he has. There's some comparison pics a little further down. I really like the two tone skin colour which helps highlight his muscles and veins more. Usually its just a single colour. He only comes with a base.    


Articulation. The head rotates. Shoulders have ball and hinge joints. Elbows swivel and have single hinge joints. Swivel on the forearms. Torso pivot. Hips have ball and hinge. High upper thigh swivel. Double jointed knees. And swivel and hinge ankles.   

Except for the head sculpt, he's the same figure as the one that came in the Wolverine Origin's two-pack. There's a nice little paint application change on the hip joints. On this figure, the blue is painted on the side of the ball instead of on the hinge. So even in a running pose, the blue on the sides of his costume is continuous.  

Did a head swap. The skin tones don't match, otherwise he looks pretty good.  

Together with some other Wolverine figures. He's taller than tiger stripe and shorter than the early release X-force and Sercret Wars Wolverine. 

Astonishing Wolverine team-up.

A nice figure to get. With Beast being released next year, the Astonishing X-men is starting to take shape. In the mean time, here's a group shot with some stand ins.    

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Nice! I just opened this Wolvie LAST NIGHT, lol! Photos soon...