Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fantastic Four Classics Dragon Man

Have been deliberating for some time whether to open this figure. Since it's posted, guess you know my decision.

Just kidding, lol. This thing is rare and besides, its not mine. Hope no one got overly worked up. Anyway, I finally had the chance to fiddle around with a loose specimen.

This is a great figure. Excellent sculpt and fantastic detail. He's a big figure but not big enough in my opinion. He looks tough and mean. Maybe not that mean. With the ridges on his brow extending upwards like that, there's a wise old look about him. Speaking of which, I believe he's part of the Future Foundation.  He's got scales and bumps all over his body. There's hardened scales on his back which makes it look a bit like a shell. There's also great detail on the wings and even his tongue.

The tail is pretty long. It's supposed to be bendy but I could hardly bend it. I would probably remove it if I were to put him on display to save some space. 

The wings are removeable. Check out the veins on them. I think more holes in the wings would be nicer.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck. The head rotates fully and can look up and down. He can open and close his jaw. Shoulders have ball and hinge. There's bicep swivel, single hinge elbows and hinge wrists. Due to the sculpt, the wrist joint only works inwards. Would have preferred if there was wrist swivel also. There's full waist rotation. Hips have ball and hinge joints. The knees are single jointed. They can't be be used much as he's already sculpted bent at the knees. Ankles have hinge and there's also toe joints. The wings also have ball joints.     

Would have liked Dragon Man to be bigger. At least a head taller and with a body as large as the Thing's.  

I think he looks better with the 3.75" scale figures.

Dragon Man is a great figure but unfortunately expensive to get.

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