Sunday, November 6, 2011

DC Direct Infinite Crisis Power Girl

Wanted this figure back when it was released but was always put off by the price. Had forgotten about it since getting the DCUC version. Chanced upon it online for a good price and promptly purchased it.       

This is a great figure. Comparing it with the DCUC version, it looks so much better. Makes me wonder why I didn't get one sooner. She has a more youthful appearance and I prefer the hairstyle. Shes got a more muscular physique which is appropriate for her, and has a slimmer shaped waist. This figure also has a bigger chest. (ahem, not that it matters) There's more detail on the costume, there are seams on this one, and is painted a purer white. Like the silver zippers on the gloves and boots which highlights them. And I prefer the lighter complexion.     

I also prefer the cape. Its soft and flexible and it does not stick out, which helps in a congested display.

She comes with a base. She doesn't stand well and will need it.

Articulation. She has a ball joint neck. The head can be rotated fully, tilted side to side, and can look down more than up. This is due to her hair. Shoulders have ball and hinge joints. Elbows are single jointed. Hips have only peg joints. And knees are single jointed.   

She's a little too big to fit in DCUC. But I don't mind for the excellent sculpt.

Was lucky to have gotten Power Girl. Am very happy with it. 

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

hard to find at a decent price, but worth it! nice pics!