Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thundercats 3.75" Modern Lion-O

I recently posted about the Classic Lion-O. Now for a look at the 3.75" modern version.

This is a nice looking figure. Good sculpt and good proportions. Good likeness too. Like the eyes which are sharp. Paint wise is pretty good overall. Just need to watch the belt and "skirt" area where the paint is easily scratched. One issue I have is the joints and pins are of a different colour from where they are located. They stand out and it spoils the look of the figure.     

The square shaped area on his back is where a magnet is. It's a feature which will work with some vehicles and playsets. If the magnet was stronger, I would use a metal bar and stick these figures on it to display.

His accessories include the claw glove, the dagger and sword versions of the Sword of Omens. There's a slot in the glove where the dagger can be placed.

The claw glove is a little too big for my liking and also pretty plain looking.  The glove cannot be carried on his waist and it restricts elbow articulation when worn. There's a hole at the top end so the black gem of doom (aka the elbow pin) can be seen. Its actually for the Eye of Thundera to be shown when the dagger is in the glove.  

The dagger and long sword are made of soft rubbery plastic. They get bent easily. I did my best to straighten them out.

He's got decent articulation. The head rotatates, but its hindered by the shoulder pad. Shoulders have ball and hinge. The shoulder pad restricts him from raising his right arm. Elbows are single jointed and there's swivel at the forearm. The waist can be fully rotated. Hips have ball and hinge and there's high thigh swivel. The "skirt" is flexible so he can do some good poses. Knees are single jointed and ankles have hinge joints.


The weapons are quite loose in his right hand. There's better grip with his left.

 I prefer the original look. The modern version is not too bad I must say.

I'm happy he can fit in with other lines such as Marvel Universe and GIJoe. 

Lion-O is a good figure. Of the first wave of basic figures, I think he's the best. I feel the others are too chunky, segmented or static.       

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