Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anime Festival Asia 2011

Attended Anime Festival Asia (AFA) for the first time. It certainly was an experience.

I went on the first day and spent the morning there. I got there before the event started and the entrance was already jam packed with people. Just before the doors opened, there was a lively countdown. And then came the rush to go in. The organisers only opened one side of the entrance and you can imagine what a squeeze it was.  

I had no particular objective other than to take in the event. I took my time and went round the festival area, taking lots of pics. I'll just be highlighting a few things here. Starting off with some displays. I particularly liked the One Piece and Bandai ones.

Some of the items for sale.

Statues and PVC figures.

figmas and Nendoroids.



And lots of things like media, cushions and stationery.

The Aniplex booth had original animation drawings on display.

Came across Danny Choo's booth. I have heard of him. The girl featured is Mirai Suenaga, the site mascot for Culture Japan.

You could have refreshments in the maid cafe or the butler cafe.

Over in the artists alley, you could get posters, badges, comics and other stuff.

There were card game competitions and demonstrations.

You could catch anime movie screenings as well. Additional ticket charges apply.

That about covers the festival area. There was a stage area in a separate hall which I didn't go. Several forums and concerts were held there.

Around the venue, there were many cosplayers. Due to the crowd, it was not easy to take good photos. Here's Ichigo from BLEACH, I only recently posted about a figure of him.

This is the end of the post, but don't go just yet! The above is only a sample of what was there to see. I have many more pics! You can zoom in to see the bigger sized pic. Follow the link below:

Password is: cstafa11
Anime Festival Asia 2011

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