Thursday, November 10, 2011

BLEACH Rukia Kuchiki

Continuing the mini BLEACH showcase, here's Rukia Kuchiki. She's a Shinigami but as you can see, she's not dressed like one. I did consider getting a figure of her in Shinigami attire, but decided this would be fine as its how I best remember her. At the time of posting, I've only watched up till the point where Ichigo was training to achieve Bankai (second release state of his zanpakuto) in the anime.

Rukia has a decent likeness. Like the hair which I think is spot on. Her face is alright, except for her eyes. Think the black outlines are too thick, especially at the bottom of her eyes. Makes it look like she lacks sleep. She is dressed in the uniform of Ichigo's school. The school jacket is made of the rubbery kind of plastic. I don't like this material as it discolours, especially with the climate over here. At least the paint and detail on it are good. Her legs seem a bit too long. She can stand fine on her own. Overall, it's a pretty nice looking figure. 

The articulation like Ichigo's is limited. There is some head rotation, her hair along with the bow hinders it. Shoulders have only peg joints. Elbows swivel, but due to the sculpt, theres only a couple of good poses she can do. Wrists have swivel. And the waist can be rotated. The legs have no articulation.

On her right hand she is wearing a glove which enables her to push out Ichigo's Shinigami form from his human body. Like the design on it. It's well painted.

Accessories. She comes with Kon (the lion soft toy), her sketchbook, an extra pair of hands and a base.

Kon is a modified soul which came in a pill form. Once taken or placed in a body, he can take over it. Ichigo uses it to transform into a Shinigami and when not in use, places it in the lion soft toy, which is how he is often seen on screen.   

This is a nice pack in. Kon has a good likeness and has some articulation. He can rotate his head, move his arms and rotate his tail. He cannot stand on his own. There's an extra peg which you can use for him on the base. He's made in a bright orange colour, would have preferred it a lighter shade.  


Kon is of a good size. I'll leave you to decide whether he's running away from something or trying to look up Rukia's skirt.

Close up of the sketch book. Rukia would use it to explain things to Ichigo. In this case, she's trying to illustrate the Hollows (bad spirits) and the Pluses (good spirits). The main purpose of her extra pair of hands is to hold up the sketch book. 

Ichigo would often make fun of her drawings.

Rukia is supposed to be short. Am happy with the height difference between these two.

She's half a head shorter than Marvel Lgends figures. 

These figures are bigger than Figma.  

Rukia and Ichigo are the only two BLEACH figures that I have. I doubt I'll be getting any others. I might change my mind next time as I watch more of the series though. For now, I'm happy to just have these two.