Friday, September 16, 2011

Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Select Classic Thor

Here's something I don't get very often, a Marvel Select figure. And it's a Disney Store exclusive too. 

I wanted a bigger Thor to replace my Marvel Legends one. I thought this figure looked impressive and so I got it. It's a pretty good figure, I just have a few gripes. His face is only okay to me, it looks flat and he's got a bit of a constipated look. His body looks disproportianate. The torso is too long, giving him a stumpy appearance. The thing I like most about this figure is his cape. Its big and flowy. It goes up then curves downwards and has a wider gap between cape and shoulders than most other Thor figures. The ML3 Thor had something like this but here it looks so much better.

Articulation. His head can be rotated and can be moved up and down slightly. His hair along with his cape hinders it though. His arms can be raised up till they reach the cape. He can also stretch his arms outwards. Elbows have swivel and hinge action. Wrists swivel. The waist can be rotated. His legs can be moved sidewards to a certain point. And rotated forwards but he will just look awkward. He's not able to do a running pose. It really needs a thigh swivel. Knees are double jointed. Ankles have hinge and swivel action.

The Mjolnir that comes with him is a little small. Its the one on the right in the following pic.

He comes with a rock base. It has some blue streaks in it. The effects of lightning perphaps.  

He stands almost a head taller than the Walmart Marvel Legends Thor. And he's about the same height as the SDCC Thor.

He's almost eye to eye with the 8" rotocast Destroyer. 

Thor is just a little too tall to fit in with the Marvel Legends figures. but its acceptable to me and he will join the group on the display shelf.

I will most likely stick with this Thor until a better one comes along. The next figure I hope to get a better one of is a Jim Lee Cyclops. 


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

I like him! Nice grouping of Thors there, by the way. I think he fits in with the Legends okay... he Thor, he can be a little bigger. LOVE your Avengers grouping! Hot Damn!

Jason said...

Thanks! He does look good with the Legends figures. I just have it stuck in my head he should only be half a head taller than Cap.

Eddie L said...

Had he been half a head smaller & had an ab crunch, I would have bought him. A classic ML Thor is long overdue by Hasbro. Then Odinson buck is perfect for him. You're correct Jason, Thor should only be half a head taller than Cap, not a full head taller, that would make him a 7 footer. Thor's 6'6, Cap's 6'2.