Monday, July 8, 2019

Marvel Legends Series Emma Frost (Walgreens Exclusive)

Here's a look at the Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Emma Frost. 

Finally, a new Emma Frost figure. The previous one was looking out of place and was in need of an upgrade. This one will do the trick. My display is a mixture anyway so it doesn't matter if she's in black or white. Emma here is in her Marvel Now costume. I'm trying to recall. Did she wear blue lipstick with this look? I tried looking for pics online but I couldn't find any. I think this head is more for her modern/Astonishing look. Anyway I think it suits her more than the alternate head so I'm sticking with it. The head sculpt is pretty good. They gave her an older appearance. She has quite a bit of facial lines. The eyebrows, eyes and lips were well done. The skin tone of her face seems to have a bluish tint and is more pale compared to the rest of her body. It throws the look off a little. I like how her hair turned out. I like the look of it. It's just the plain colour though and has no shading. The body largely reuses the Enchantress body, notably the lower torso, legs and heels. The upper torso is new. The curve design of her costume was sculpted. The skin tone at her midriff was painted and looks a little off compared to her upper torso but it's not too bad. I believe the arms are new. They have creases and wrinkles on the sleeves. The white lines on her leggings were painted on. The glove tops, boot tops and belt are separate pieces. She wears a cape. There's nice detail on it. You can make out the seams and the creases. I like that it's windswept to one side. The shoulder pads are attached to the cape. And they have they X logo sculpted on them. She is a little difficult stand and pose due to the heels. But once you find that sweet spot she actually can stand pretty well.

UPDATE 9 July - I made a mistake about the body. It should be it largely reuses the Psylocke body with a new upper torso and Enchantress's heels. The arms reuses the new Black Cat's arms. The collar piece was stuck on. I apologise for the error. A big thanks to mdstimson for pointing it out!

Her cape is removable.

Here's how she looks without it. She has an open upper back. And here you can better see the creases and wrinkles on her sleeves.

Accessories. She comes with an alternate head and an extra pair of fists.

The alternate head is of her from her White Queen days. She's got the short straight, even length hair and looks a lot younger. They again did a great job with the paint for her eyebrows, eyes and lipstick. The skin tone matches the body better.

Both heads may be used on the Puck series Emma figure. I think she looks better with it. From some angles it also looks like someone in drag.

Now I know some of us will want to custom Emma in one of her older costumes. I selected Typhoid Mary and the new Scarlet Witch to try the head out on and you'll be happy to know that the head fits. It sits a little high on Typhoid Mary though. 

Articulation. She's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, swivel hinge wrists, ball joint torso, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. I say pivot but it functions more like a swivel. With the default head she can look down okay and up a little bit.  Head rotation is hindered by her hair but it can be turned. She may wind up looking downwards at some points. With the alternate head she can look down okay and up just a little bit. The shoulder pads are flexible. She can raise her arms but the shoulder pads will look awkward.  

Comparison shots.

It's a nice figure but not quite the complete look. Hopefully they will make more versions of her. Thanks for viewing!

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Hey there, just wanted to point out that the body used on this Emma is the Psylocke/Blink body with the new Black Cat's arm sculpt not the Enchantress/Medusa/Scarlet Witch body and she has the standard hands and heels. :)

Jason said...

Hi mdstimson, thank you for pointing out my mistake. I guess I saw the heels and immediately assumed Enchantress... Also thanks for checking my blog!