Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Not Endgame Thanos

Came across this piece. It looked interesting and so I got it. 

The figure turned out to be quite decent. The plastic feels solid. He's big and has good size and bulk His skin tone is rather purple. The arms hang out rather far. There's nice detail on his armour. It's navy and gold in colour. The gold tone looks quite dark in hand but it looks great in the pics when there's light on it.

The head sculpt too is decent. With those eyes though he looks a little sad.

The accessories are mainly what attracted me to get this piece. Third party accessories can be quite costly so why not get several pieces and a figure for one price. He comes with a helmet, an extra right gripping hand, a gold gauntlet and a double-bladed weapon. I was unable to use the gripping hand on the figure. I tried removing his open hand but it looked liked the peg was going to break.

I quite like the look of the helmet. It looks a little big on him and the sides will need to be stuck down. 

I got the accessories for the Marvel Legends MCU Thanos. Here's how the helmet looks on him. The helmet is a little small but I think it looks decent from the front. It cannot quite cover his whole head and some of the back is exposed. The gold colour does not match so it'll need to be repainted.  

The double-bladed weapon has nice detail on it, both sculpted and painted detail. It also feels pretty solid.

Fortunately this figure is still able to hold it with his open hand.

It's loose in the Marvel Legends Thanos grip. He's able to hold it but it will move around. Nothing some sticky tac can't fix.

And here's a closer look at his gold gauntlet. To put it on simply detach his default arm at the elbow and replace. The gauntlet has no articulation.

It'll make for a nice accessory.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, double jointed elbows, wrist swivel, ball hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. There's actually a joint at the torso. It can hardly move so it may as well not be there at all. Also all overhanging pieces of the blue "tunic" has a hinge which may be pulled out and raised a little to allow more room for the legs. The head turns upwards instead of to the sides. There's quite a bit of gappage when the knees are bent. There's not much range for the ankle joints but they help. 

Comparison shots.

The figure didn't cost much and it makes for a decent display piece. Articulation is not up to what we're used to so don't expect to be posing him. The accessories are nice and they'll be given to the Marvel Legends Thanos. Thanks for viewing!

(Please don't ask where to get it. Thanks.)

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RN-246 said...

Just ordered this myself, actually prefer the torso sculpt on this far better than the skinny legends one.

Any chance the BAF legs and arms can be placed on this one? If so I'll track down those pieces and do a bit of mix and matching.

Thanks in advance for your reply, love your reviews.