Friday, May 25, 2018

Marvel Legends Series Cull Obsidian BAF

I thought I'll finish up the MCU figures first, so here's a look at the Cull Obsidian BAF.

First the parts list:

Head - Wasp
Torso - Black Widow
Left arm - Thor
Right arm - Malekith
Left leg - Ant-Man
Right leg - Black Knight
Hammer - Malekith

Cull Obsidian, or Black Dwarf as he is known in the comics is big and has good bulk as he should be. After all he is the largest member of the Black Order. He is even bigger and taller than Thanos! He's got a great head sculpt. He looks fearsome, especially with those tusks protruding from his chin. Check out the blackened, scaly crest on his head. Very nice! This is definitely someone you don't want to mess with. His eyes are gold in colour and they stand out very well. His appearance is different from what we saw on screen. In the movie he was wearing a suit or tunic, and also pants. I think. I can't quite remember despite watching the movie three times... Anyway here he is bare chested and wearing some shoulder armour on his right side, and with a plated "skirt". They both are separate pieces and have some nice sculpted detail on them. They also have some knocks and dents in them. It's especially notable on the shoulder armour. He is also wearing protective plating on his right forearm, knees and on his left shin. His right shin has a natural set of thickened protective plates. There's also pieces of armour attached down the length of his spine. There's great sculpted detail all over his body. His scaly skin looks thick and very tough. 

The shoulder armour may be removed if you like him looking a bit more "savage". Without the armour though there will be a noticeable small hole on his chest.

Cull Obsidian comes with his hammer. I looked up pics online and this one is quite different from the one from the movie. This has a lot more straight edges and looks like something out of a video game. The hammer is stiff and sturdy and has some nice sculpted detail on it. He can only hold it in his left hand. I would have liked if the handle was a bit longer. It looks a little small for him. 

Articulation. He's got a ball hinge neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, elbow hinge, swivel hinge right wrist, swivel and up and down hinge left wrist, ball joint torso, waist rotation, ball hips, thigh swivel, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up and down well. The shoulder armour has swivel so it may be raised up and down to allow him to raise his right arm. He'll loo awkward doing so though. The shoulder hinge has limited range due to spikes at the top of his arms. The elbows bend less than ninety degrees. He cannot raise his legs up much due to the "skirt". Raising his legs will in turn raise up the "skirt" piece and make he look awkward. There are not many nice poses he can do. 

Comparison shots.

Nice figure. The articulation is there but it is not very useful. Thanks for viewing!


J Hernandez said...

Wonderful review, Jason! Definitely a tremendous BAF!

Kim Dubuisson said...

Wow! This one looks awesome.