Saturday, May 5, 2018

Star Wars Day 2018 (Singapore): May The 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day has come again! This year's event is held at the F1 Pit Building and is on till 5 May 2018. That means at the time of this post there's only one more day to check it out. For those who can't make it, here are some pics from the first day.

Albin Johnson, the founder of the 501st Legion is in town for the festivities. And accompanying him is R2-KT, the pink astromech droid which was built in honour of his late daughter Katie. Their story is really touching and it was an honour to meet them. 

R2-KT has become a symbol of hope. It is often brought to hospitals to encourage and cheer up kids who are ill. It is also used to help spread awareness of pediatric illness. While here R2-KT in its own way is helping to raise funds for the KKH Health Fund. The KKH Health Fund raises funds to help needy patients, who very often have exhausted all options and are in need of financial assistance, for their medical treatment. 

Exclusive merchandise featuring R2-KT was made for the event and the proceeds will go to the KKH Health Fund. The following are some examples:

Various booths are also raising funds for the KKH Health Fund. They include the 501st Legion, the Bounty Hunter Shooting Gallery, Funbie Studios and the Band of Doodlers.

I have to bring up the Star Wars cookies again which are found in the Fanzone Bazaar. I love these cookies! I've been buying them every year they have been available.

There's no shortage of Star Wars items which you can purchase.

Here's a sample of what's on display. Click images to enlarge.

Boyan Customs

Making their debut at the event is the Dark Empire band! They played their own renditions of various Star Wars scores and themes. And they rocked!

Not forgetting the fine folks of the 501st Legion Singapore, Cathar Base - Rebel Legion Singapore and FightSaber. Without them there'll hardly be any Star Wars events.

FightSaber put on an entertaining show. There was action everywhere. There were Jedi and Sith battling on stage and on the floor. 

That's about it from me. If you do go down be sure to bring and drink plenty of water. The weather was very hot when I was there. And also bring an umbrella as it has been raining quite frequently of late.

Click this link for the photo gallery. 

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Kim Dubuisson said...

Wow! Looks insane.

GIJigsaw said...

That looks like so much fun. Love the pink Snowtrooper.