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UPCOMING: Funan Anime Matsuri 2016

Funan Anime Matsuri will say goodbye with a bang – featuring 3 new attractions and features
• Anime-themed escape room game: Escape the Assassination Classroom!
• Horror house direct from Japan: SIX EXITS
• JRunway fashion show featuring AKIRA (disacode) and Takeru (SuG)

The fourth and last Funan Anime Matsuri will be the grandest yet, with the largest number of celebrity cosplayers, artistes and new attractions. The week long festival from 6 to 12 June 2016 will create history as the biggest free-admission cosplay event in Singapore. New content such as an anime-themed escape room, a Japanese horror house and Japanese fashion show will unite fans who adore all-things-Japanese.

10 Celebrity Cosplayers 

10 celebrity cosplayers will grace the event over the weekend. They include Ajo, Baozi, Hana, ELY, Kaname✩ , Mayu, Mon, Saffron, SeeU and Xiao Xiao Bai.  In addition to meet-and greet sessions with the fans, they will also be holding cosplay workshops. 

Anisong Artiste Performance

For three nights from 10 to 12 June starting at 8pm, Funan DigitaLife Mall’s Main Atrium will be converted into an anisong concert venue. Popular Japanese anisong artiste Luna Haruna will helm the performance on 11 and 12 June. Up-and-coming sound artist and songwriter sasakure.UK, known for his skillful and meticulous use of popular vocal synthesis programmes, will also be entertaining fans at the anisong concerts on 10 and 11 June.


To make this year’s festival even more exciting, Funan DigitaLife Mall will be hosting aanime-themed escape room game titled "Escape the Assassination Classroom" based on the popular Japanese manga series Assassination Classroom, which has been adapted into anime. "Escape the Assassination Classroom" is a ticketed event and players will take part in this physical adventure game in groups of six. Locked in a room, players will have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. This marks the debut of "Escape the assassination Classroom" in Singapore, and the first time that Funan DigitaLife Mall is hosting an escape room.

The setting:
You’re a student from class 3-E, known to be the worst class at Kunugigaoka Junior High School. Everyday, you have lessons and training to improve your assassination skills. One day, your class is attacked by a group of mysterious assassins. Their target seems to be your form teacher, KoroSensei, and they’ve set up traps around your classroom.

However, Koro-Sensei, a gourmet in his free time, is enjoying coffee at a boulangerie, leaving you and your classmates of class 3-E behind to face the attack...

If nothing is done, all of you will be killed. You’ve sent a message to Koro-Sensei asking him to return immediately but it seems that all transmission devices have been blocked. There’s no choice but to overcome this crisis based on your own abilities!!! Will you be able to survive and escape this lifethreatening situation?!

Location: Level 4, #04-19
Price: S$23
Opening time: 11am – 10pm
Ticket sales: OR at the door


SIX EXITS: Japanese Horror House 

SIX EXITS is a legendary horror house project that started in Tokyo and operated for a limited time of 6 months. SIX EXITS from Obaken is an immersive, handmade horror house with themes and timed-escape challenges direct from Japan. Players are caught in a room and must complete the challenge within the time limit (5mins per room) before moving on the next room.

The setting:

Escape the horrors lurking behind 6 of our rooms within 5 minutes!

From OBAKEN, the pioneers for “independent type horror house”. They started their project in 2012 and converted normal houses into horror houses by hand. They become a huge hit on the news and has gained immense popularity since. They are regarded as on of the most talented horror house creators.

Location: Level 5, #05-01 from 6 June – 30June
Price: S$25, S$5 for extra life points
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Capacity: 4 pax per session
Ticket sales: At the door OR online to be announced.


JRunway Fashion Show 

For the first time, Funan Anime Matsuri will host a fashion show at the atrium! On 11 June 2016, Saturday at 5pm, Japanese singers and models AKIRA and Takeru will strut down the fashion runway! AKIRA and Takeru will also style and make-over 2 local cosplayers!

The singer-songwriter- model-actress, known as AKIRA rocks the androgynous look with her visual kei and punk style. That was what got her noticed by Kera, a Japanese street fashion magazine that focuses on Gothic, Lolita, Punk,and Visual Kei fashion. She revealed that she was asked to model for Kera after she was featured in a street snap shot, and made her debut in their magazine in 2008. Akira sang "Aoki Tsuki Michite", the ending theme song for hit anime Black Butler II, also known as Kuroshitsuji II. She has performed in a Vampire Knight musical in Japan as one of the main leads, Kaname Kuran.

Takeru, the vocalist of visual kei band, SuG, wears many hats. He's a singer, songwriter, director, author, voice actor, model and designer. Takeru is the brainS behind many songs, album, and band concepts for SuG. The singer doesn't limit his way of expressing himself in just one medium. He designs clothes for his own fashion label, Million $ Orchestra, which he began back in 2010. Million $ Orchestra, a street gothic fashion wear brand, is popular with the Harajuku crowd for it's unique designs.

JRunway booth activities

1. Meet-and-Greet Takeru and AKIRA at Funan Anime Matsuri. 
Spend S$80 and above at JRunway from 27 May – 11 June to redeem a meet-and-greet ticket to see Takeru and AKIRA. The meet and greet ticket entitles you to a handshake and a polaroid photo with Takeru and AKIRA. You must show purchase proof at JRunway’s booth. 

Meet-and-greet times: 11 June 2016 Saturday at 13:30-14:00, 14:30-15:00, 15:30-16:00

2. Yukata trying
Dress up in traditional Japanese wear at JRunway’s booth! Try out yukatas or purchase yukatas at JRunway! Free matching accessories will be given when you purchase a yukata. Yukatas will also be S$10 off from 27th May – 12th June on

Event Details:

Funan Anime Matsuri 
Date: 6 - 12 June 2016
Free to public at Funan DigitaLife Mall 

For more info, visit the Funan Anime Matsuri site.

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