Sunday, May 8, 2016

Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2016 Singapore

Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). Which might explain why my legs are aching... I must be getting too old for this...

My first stop was Books Kinokuniya Main Store at Takashimaya. I reached at around 8.45am and already there was a queue of about thirty odd. The staff were early too and they were handing out queue tickets and bottled water. You have to be member to get a ticket. The queue system was the same as last year's. Once you got a queue ticket, you were guaranteed a pack of free comics. A promotional flyer to purchase a pastry and a hot drink at a discounted price at Paul's Bakery was given out as well. That's very thoughtful of them! I observed many taking the opportunity to grab a bite. 

You don't want to be away too long though as the crowd will reform quickly. And it might take you another 10 minutes or so before you can pick up your comics.  

I was anxious to get things done early this time round as I wanted to get to GnB Comics early.

Why, you might be wondering. That is because it was the last time FCBD would be held at its present location and I didn't want to miss a thing. They did not reveal all the details prior to the event and you get the feeling it would be something special. They didn't disappoint.

In addition to the comics, Star Wars tote bags, posters, folders and mousepads were given out to both members and the public. How great is that!

At the members event inside the toys were heavily discounted. Some DC Collectibles singles figures were at SGD15 to SGD20 a piece. Various boxsets were at SGD35 to SGD50 a piece. Several Marvel Select figures were at SGD20 to SGD30 a piece. Fantastic! I wish I hadn't purchased some initially. 

On the comics front you could pick up 20 back issues for just SGD5! Graphic novels were priced at the exchange rate of USD1 to SGD1 and if you bought five you got one free!

No wonder the cashier was kept busy!

I made my purchases and went to check out Doujinma for a bit. It was then back to Kinokuniya to catch Andie Tong do a "live" drawing demo. I missed the first part of so I don't know what tips he might have shared. With regards to shadows he advises to experiment. You can also try looking in the mirror with different light sources to help. He also spoke of some of the artists he looks up to and his study of European art. 

An autograph session followed. If you purchased any of his books or work, you could get a free print. He also did sketches for a good number of people. 

It was then time for an appearance by the 501st Legion Singapore. Like I said before I love seeing these guys.

I had a great time going from place to place. I only visited the two places mentioned above. But I would like to thank all the stores who participated in FCBD!

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