Friday, May 20, 2016

DC Comics XXRay Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman

The Trinity like you've never seen them before! These are the DC Comics XXRay figures by Jason Freeny, produced in collaboration with the team at Mighty Jaxx. Their main feature? You guessed it. Half of their body show what they look like on the inside. It's a little creepy but cool at the same time. Here's a closer look at them.

Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman are part of the first wave which was released earlier this year. 

The figures come in clear windowed boxes. On one side of the packaging you have their respective logos. 

On another you have X-ray images of them which is cool and fitting. Just put a light behind and the images will pop. I didn't have a proper light but you get the idea. You have to remove the figures first.

The figures are based on their appearances in the New 52. The costumes are not my preferred ones but I must say they did a great job with these. There's good detail. Batman here for example has the armour details, belt and pouches, and the logo all sculpted. Very nice! I also like the youthful appearance they gave the superheroes. The skeletal side has a "cartoony" look which is fine. I wouldn't want it to be realistic. You can make out the organs such as the lungs and intestines within the skeleton. The figures stand around 4" tall and do not have any articulation. 

Wonder Woman is the sole female in the line so far. Her structure is smaller compared to the male figures. She has smaller feet. That along with being top heavy I think makes her lean forward which is of a little concern. I wouldn't want her to topple over. The vinyl material used feels solid enough so hopefully that will not happen. I have had enough of figures falling. (*shakes head at Justice League Unlimited.) I like the metallic paint used. She shines among the three. I also like she's carrying her Lasso of Truth.  

Did Superman heat vision away half of his body or is he using his X-Ray vision with one eye? You decide. Lol. Again there's good detail on the costume. The S on the back of his cape was well painted. The skeletal side looks similar to Batman's. Batman's skeleton though is of a darker tone, possibly due to age. 

These are certainly unique figures. They look pretty good, especially when you have a bunch of them together. There are other Justice League members available such as Green Lantern and Cyborg. Those in Singapore you can look out for them at Action City stores. For those overseas you can check the XXRay site for more info and availability.

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