Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nendoroid Hestia from Danmachi

Just some pics of the Nendoroid Hestia!

Hestia is from the series "Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?" or Danmachi (Familia Myth) for short. There are a couple of figures of her available from various companies. Those who follow my Facebook page may recall me deliberating on which to get. In the end I went with Nendoroid so she will have some companions to interact with and this saves me from starting a new line.   

Running through the parts and accessories first. Going anti-clockwise starting from the top left. There are 3 shaped ribbons of varying width for use with 3 certain poses, a confident face, a spoilt child's expression face, a sitting lower body piece, two sets of bent arms, a left hand holding a croquette and a right gripping / supporting hand. She also comes with a base. 

A bonus blue ribbon is included. I don't recall it being shown in the preview images. It's unlikely I'll use it though. It's rather long and I probably won't get the shape right. I'll just stick to the plastic ones. 

Just to show how Hestia can be disassembled. You can interchange the hands as well.   

As I mentioned each ribbon is meant for a different pose. A handy instruction leaflet is included to help you along with that.

Now on to the main figure. Hestia is so cute and adorable. I really love how she turned out. The first thing you have to do is to attach a ribbon so as to give her her complete look. The ribbons are just wide enough to go round her arms and under her chest. It's a good thing many of her parts are removable and we can put it on quite easily. The ribbons are restrictive and can only be used with the illustrated poses. It has to be removed for any other variations. The colours and paint apps are superb as you would expect. I especially love her hair where it has a shine effect to it due to the transitioning grey applied on it. She also has it on her twin tails. Nendoroids can hardly stand so we have to use the base most of the time.

Articulation. She has a peg hinge neck, peg shoulders, forearm swivel and peg hinge hips, Her twin tails have ball and hinge so we can move those as well. The lower portion of her dress is flexible and allows her to raise her legs a little. We can at least put her in a walking pose.

She has trouble staying upright it her sitting pose but we can use her twin tails for support. Seeing her eating her croquette just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. 

Oh she's made some new friends. 

Maybe not... Hestia is great figure! Cuteness abound! Thanks for viewing!

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