Saturday, February 20, 2016

Street Fighter V Launch Event (Singapore)

The Street Fighter V Launch Event was held at Le Danz yesterday. It was a ticketed event and you had to have ordered the game from one of the authorized dealers to get a ticket. I did just that and dropped by for a look.  

A queue had formed by the time I got there. The first 300 attendees could get a Street Fighter V shirt. I'm happy to say I got one!

The setup of the venue was nice! There were a number of Street Fighter standees and banners around the place. In the middle of the room was a boxing ring, an ideal place for combatants to do battle. Featured matches were played there.

There was a real party atmosphere with music, food and drink. The best part was watching others play on the many consoles which lined two sides of the ring. Some of these folks are so good I doubt I would stand a chance with my basic skill set.

There were a couple of cosplayers around. I managed to catch Vega.

Here's a look at some of the Street Fighter V swag which were on display.

Tomoaki Ayano (dressed as Chun Li), one of the producers of Street Fighter V graced the event. You may remember him from GameStart last year.

He reintroduced the game to us and gave us some updates. They are working on the server issues which have plagued since the launch. Six more characters will be added in the course of a year. You might already know them. They are Guile, Ibuki, Alex, Urien, Balrog and Juri. Speaking of Alex, we were shown a shot of his new appearance. I can't say that I like it. I would have preferred if he didn't have his jacket tied around his waist. Alex is available with the Season Pass or purchasable with Fight Money. 

Click on images to enlarge.

We were also informed that there's going to be a huge update scheduled and this edition will have the longest story in the history of Street Fighter.

We next got an announcement from Adeeb from Kinetiquettes on their upcoming The Beast Unleashed 1/4 scale diorama. It features Ryu and Evil Ryu on a Yin Yang themed base with Daigo Umehara standing behind them. It's certainly a unique concept. The characters may be displayed together or separately. 

Some work-in-progress pics. It's looking good. I think the sculpt is superb.

Here's the trailer for it.

Some tournament news. An Under-25 tournament will be held. The qualifying rounds of this will start at the end of February and the finals will be held at Campus Games Fest 2016. Check the Play Station Asia Facebook for updates. It was also announced that the South East Asia Major will be taking place at GameStart 2016! 

Pro players Infiltration, Xian and Gackt were also at the event. Members of the audience were chosen and if you could beat them, you could win prizes. 

From right to left: Infiltration, Xian, Gackt

I couldn't stay for these matches and the tournament so this is where I'll end. Now if you'll excuse I need to go do some training. Thanks for viewing!

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