Thursday, February 25, 2016

Marvel Select Dr Strange

Here's a look at the Marvel Select Dr Strange.

I didn't intend to get Dr Strange at first. With Marvel Select I usually just buy the large sized characters. I saw a pic of the cape being used with the Marvel Legends figure which I thought looked cool and so here we are. The figure looks good. His age shows in the head sculpt. It has wrinkles and facial lines. He looks a little worn out. The moustache and eyebrows were sculpted and were well painted. The eye were painted looking to his right. I saw some other pics of him online and most of them are similar. The hair has good detail. The white streaks came out nicely. There's lots of great detail on his attire, especially on the tunic which has numerous folds and wrinkles. The paint apps are good. Some of the black dots on his forearms didn't quite hit the mark though. There's shading done on all of his attire, even on his back. I like the cape. The collar is a little too big for my liking though. And with this design it kinda looks like a flower. I like the shape of it. The gold trimming has nice sculpted detail. At his neck is the Eye of Agamotto with it's eye open. 

Here's the Marvel Legends Dr Strange wearing the cape. It looks cool doesn't it. I think it's of a good size for him. The only thing is the collar portion is a too big. Hmmm... should I trim it... But then again I would still like to use it with the MS figure...

Accessories. He comes with a magic effect piece, the Eye of Agamotto and a base.

The magic effect is really nice. I like that the orb portion covers his whole hand. You truly get the sense of the power waiting to be let loose. There's a slot in the orb which fits onto his wrist. It relies on friction and stays on well. You can use it on his left hand but it does not fit as well. I think it looks better with the hand sign on his right,

I like that they included The Eye of Agamotto pendant. It makes for a great accessory for characters to fight over. It has good detail and has an actual chain attached. Very nice!  

The base depicts part of the Sanctum Santorium. I guess Wong has not been doing his job of late. The floor has cracks and is dirty. Lol. There's smoke rising from the floor. With it already having a yellow tinge to them I don't have to worry too much if the plastic turns yellow. Lol. The translucent stained glass is nice and I especially like the design on the frame which looks similar to those on Dr Strange's cape. 

Articulation.. He's got a dumbbell joint neck, ball hinge shoulders, bicep swivel, swivel hinge elbows, forearm swivel, swivel hinge wrists, waist rotation, peg hinge hips, double jointed knees and ankle hinge and pivot. He can look up and down decently and can even cock his head. The arm articulation is superb. I wished they gave more attention to the legs though. He could use a thigh swivel at least. The lower portion of his tunic hinders him from raising his legs much.

Comparison shots.

Dr Strange is a good looking figure and I like the accessories. The cape will come in handy. Thanks for viewing!

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