Thursday, December 11, 2014

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Powerglide

Hasbro Singapore weren't kidding when they said the Combiner Wars series would be out soon. The series is out now! Here's a look at the Legends Class Powerglide.

I like the packaging design. The figure displays well and the character is prominently featured on the card. The artwork is superb. And the overall colours are attractive. The Transformers lettering is also very prominent.

A collectible card of the character is included with each figure. I may not buy all the figures but I can see myself collecting these.

"And awaaayyy we go!". This is a great looking figure. I love the G1 style. He looks a little out of proportion with the small head and "Popeye" arms. Still, I like that he's got some bulk to him. The Autobot logo was very well printed on. The plastic used for him feels solid. There's some noticeable cut marks on his thrusters. It's the same as with on a couple other pieces that I saw. 

Powerglide carries a number of missiles in his arms. Decepticons beware! Speaking of weapons, I would have liked if he came with a gun. 

Articulation. The head can be rotated, shoulders have ball joints, the forearms can touch the shoulders with the elbow hinge, there's ball joint hips, ball joint knees and ankle hinge. The ankle hinge will help in running poses. His feet cannot point downwards. It would have been great if he had waist rotation. 

Some bot mode comparison shots. I think he fits pretty well with the Classics Optimus Prime. It would have been better if he were just a little bit taller.

Here's his plane mode. It nice and compact. The transformation is easy. Rotating the head can be a pain though. The various parts tab in nicely. I would have liked if the mid-section were red in colour as well but that would probably affect his look in robot mode. 

Here's how he looks underneath.

The missiles as it is face inwards. You can rotate the arms so that they face front.

He's got a third mode. He can transform into a gun for Supeion. It looks pretty cool. The thrusters extend out to become the double barrels for the gun. The top of the plane flips up and has a blue crosshairs sight which gives the mode some needed extra colour. The landing gear is used as the handle. Very nice. 

The full gallery of pics can be viewed here.

Powerglide is a solid figure. All three modes are nice and he's got good enough articulation in bot mode. Love it! Thanks for viewing!

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