Monday, December 1, 2014

Hasbro Christmas Fair 2014

Some pics from the Hasbro Christmas Fair going on at the Centrepoint atrium. It lasts until 2 December 2014.

A good part of the fair was dedicated to Star Wars Rebels. Unsurprising as the series premiered over the weekend on the Disney Channel and then on Disney XD. There were figures, vehicles and role play gear. No new figures unfortunately. I was hoping to find the Sabine / Stormtrooper two-pack.

The Hero Series X-Wing is now down to SGD39.90. I think it's a pretty good deal. If I had space I might have considered picking it up.

With regards to the Black Series, there was the Bastila Shan wave for the 3.75" line. For the 6" line they had the Chewbacca wave. There was no Darth Vader in sight. The Mission Series two-packs are down to SGD12.90.

Here's a sample of of some of the other things at the fair. Most of the items have been discounted.

Here are some of the featured deals:

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There were various activities held over the weekend. One of which was the Lightsaber Workshop which was held on Friday and Saturday. The FightSaber team was there to oversee it. They put on a short duel before the Jedi conducted lessons proper.

After learning a couple of moves the "younglings" had the opportunity to put their new skills to the test.

The 501st Legion Singapore Garrison made an appearance on Sunday. It's always nice to see them. Shoppers could take photos with them.

They also visited the toy department of Metro Centrepoint which opened at the beginning of November.

In case you haven't been there here's a few shots of the toy department. I like that they have various character statues around the place. They hasn't been any new releases of late so the stock currently is pretty much the same as other outlets.

You can see a few more pics here.

There's still two more days for the fair. If you're picking up presents from there keep in mind you can have them wrapped up at the gift wrapping counter on the same level as the Metro toy department.

Thanks for viewing!

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