Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Transformers Combiner Wars, Robots in Disguise. Year of the Goat Display at VivoCity

Hasbro Singapore put up a display of the upcoming Transformers Combiner Wars, Robots in Disguise and Year of the Goat figures at VivoCity last weekend. I was pretty busy but I did managed to run down and grab a few pics.

I'm liking the look of Superion (pictured above). I love the G1 style colours. Alpha "Slingshot" Bravo should really be a plane instead of a helicopter...  I'm also wondering why Dragstrip is released with the Aerialbots. 

You can't have a Transformers line without Optimus Prime. He looks pretty good. I like the bulk. A minor gripe is that his chest is really flat. 

Some Legends Class figures. There were four of them. Powerglide, Thundercracker, Bombshell and Windcharger. All of them look good aside for Windcharger.

I can't say I like the Robots in Disguise line. The faction logo is a bit of eyesore. I may just get a Bumblebee. I think I'll need to watch the show before deciding on the rest.

And finally the Year of the Goat Optimus Prime and Soundwave. They are an easy pass for me. I'm not liking the colour scheme at all. I have a feeling the transparent areas will discolour with the weather over here.

All of the above are said to be available soon.

You can view more pics here.

Thanks for viewing!

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