Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Bombshell

Another Legends Class Combiner Wars figure to bring you. It's the Mazinger.... I mean Bombshell.

Bombshell has always looked liked that, with the cage like mouth plate and all. It's quite unique for a Transformer. The silver was well painted on. His body is nice and proportionate. He's pretty sleek. The mid-riff maybe could use a little paint detail. He has sculpted fists which are only visible from the top view. The front of his fists were sculpted circular in shape with some detail inside. They look like blasters. The pegs protruding from his knees will be useful in combat but in terms of look, I don't really like them, His feet are big and he can stand very well. I would have liked if he came with a gun.

The insect legs on his arms can be rotated so you can position them at his sides if you like.

Articulation. He's got shoulders hinge (forwards and backwards) along with ball joints, ball joint elbows, waist rotation, ball hips and knee swivel and hinge. The insect legs will poke his behind when he bends his knees. Fortunately for him each insect leg is on a hinge and they can be positioned aside.  

Bot mode comparison shots. Bomshell is taller than Skrapnel. The tone of purple is a little darker and the yellow is darker. I like both colour schemes. But if they had to match I'll choose Skrapnel's colour scheme as I think it's more like the G1 cartoon. 

Here's his insect mode. Everything is neat and compact. The insect legs are of a stiffer type of plastic and can support his body.

Here's the included collectible card. Very nice!

You can view all the pics here.

Great figure. Hopefully we'll see Kickback soon. Thanks for viewing!

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