Monday, June 10, 2013

Transformers Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus

"Get the hammer. Get the hammer. Get the hammer." I guess my judgement was clouded the day I got this... Oh well, let's have a look at it. 

This is my first Platinum Editon figure. The packaging has a lot of red and gold on it. I can't help but think I was holding a box of Lunar New Year goodies. 

I'm not sure about him having 4 modes. It looks more like 2 with a gimmick and accessories.

This Ultra Magnus is a retool of the previously released Weaponizer Optimus Prime. He looks better than Optimus. The little bit of colour difference at his abs area helps differentiate his body from the "pack" on his back so it does not appear as one block. And I think having the long shoulders helps. The cab portion of his vehicle mode is fully visible on his back. It's still unsightly, especially from the side view. The head is nice. He has on a serious look on his face. He comes in dark blue, red and white this time. I don't like the red of his "skeleton" hands, it gives the impression that they are bloody. And I also don't like the white on his feet and grill.   

The weaponizer gimmick is cool. You push the button on his abs and the cannons will pop out spinning from his shoulders. His chest will light up as well.

He comes with a gun and the Forge of Solus hammer.

The gun is the same as Weaponizer Optimus Prime's. There's nice sculpted detail on it but it's lacking some paint.

So is the Forge of Solus hammer worth getting this figure for? Not quite. Now it's well sculpted and big, which is good. Unfortunately it's not in the correct colours as in Transformers Prime. It should be gold and silver in colour. The Forge here has a blue handle and an orange brown head. I quite like the light blue "glow". Another thing I don't like about it are the handles. I mean why can't he just hold it by the main staff. His grip on the handles is good, but as the hammer is quite heavy, his wrist will swivel to one side after awhile. The main staff portion is too big for him to hold. 

There's a tab on the grill where you can clip the hammer on. The hammer attaches securely. There is a worry though that the paint on the tab might get scrapped off.

I'm sure some of you want to know if the Beast Hunters voyager Ultra Magnus can hold this hammer. The answer is yes he can. It looks a little big but it's much better than the one he came with.

Articulation. He's got a ball joint neck. His head can be rotated fully and he can look up more than the Weaponizer Optimus Prime. His arms can be rotated fully. To extend his arms out to the sides you'll need to lift the whole shoulder cover section. There's bicep swivel, single hinge elbows, wrist swivel, peg hinge hips, swivel hinge knees and hinge ankles. The hip and knee hinge are ratcheted. 

Robot mode comparisons. He's too big to fit in with the Transformers Prime figures. 

Ultra Magnus transforms into a truck. The transformation is fairly easy. Once you've got the arms spread out you can lay him down and tab in the various parts. The vehicle mode is similar to Optimus's. Instead of smokestacks there's two covered "cylindrical pumps" on the sides. It makes him wider and look pretty intimidating from the front. With the hammer loaded it makes him look like he's transporting a generator.

The back of the vehicle mode is poor. Without the hammer loaded, his arms are exposed. The side panels cannot be pushed in to cover the back of the cab.

The weaponizer gimmick can work in vehicle mode as well. You have to put the front grill down first. Speaking of the grill, the white colour just screams plastic. I would have liked if it were grey or silver.

Vehicle mode comparisons.

You can view all the images here.

I hope this post has been of help. Thanks for viewing!


deSMOnd said...

Very plastic feel for all these figures..Are they replicated from anime series?

Paladin said...

Can other figures hold the Forge with relative ease?