Monday, June 3, 2013

Anime Matsuri 2013 at Funan Digitalife Mall

Anime Matsuri 2013 was held at Funan Digitalife Mall from 27 May - 2 June 2013. That was a whole week of anime events and activities! I couldn't make it during the weekdays, but here's what went on on the last two days of the event.

The event occupied the atrium of the mall. Here's a quick view of the setup. To the bottom left of the image is the Maid and Butler Cafe. No photography allowed unfortunately.
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The Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament saw many people battle it out early Saturday morning.

At the bazaar area, you could pick up anime merchandise from the AFA Shop, Latendo, Odex and Bon Japan. Here's a sample of what was sold.

The stage events were the most popular. kiD-Chan demonstrated to us the use of a painting software called SAI. She started with a blank board and drew beautiful images within an hour.  

On Saturday, Clive shared with us his experience in cosplaying and how to go about building a Gundam costume. You may have seen him in costume before. He's usually the one wearing a fantastic Gundam costume at events.

He demonstrated to us how to make a Gundam helmet. He made an upsized model so the audience could see better. 

Clive would suit up on Sunday. The Gundam Unicorn suit took him 3 years to build. Awesome!

Have you watched WOW Japan? It's a show covering Japanese topics and entertainment happening in Singapore and the region. A couple of episodes were screened on stage throughout the week. It's host Valerie from Sea*A was present during the weekend and we got to watch one of the latest episodes.

Though he was in Singapore, Mr Danny Choo could not be at the event but he did have a message for the audience.

Show Ning DJ Lab presented a Turntable Showcase.
Several celebrity cosplayers were at the event. If you were lucky, you could have your photo taken with them. You've already seen Clive in his Gundam costume. Next is Ying Tze from Malaysia.

Angie who's also from Malaysia.

Natumi from Taiwan.

And Kaname from Japan.

He played Cardfight!! Vanguard with a lucky member of the audience on Saturday. He won the match after a tough fight.

A group shot of all the celebrity cosplayers.

A Cosplay Singles Competition was held on Saturday. The following images show the prizes being presented from the third placed contestant to the winner.

Lastly, the cosplayers. Many of them were at the event as you would expect. Here's just a couple of them.

You can view all the images here.
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