Thursday, May 30, 2013

figma To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Shirai Kuroko

You can't have one without the other. So here's figma Shirai Kuroko to join her "Onee-sama".

This figure is also a limited edition figure. It comes with the PSP To Aru Kagaku no Railgun visual novel. 

Shirai Kuroko is a Level 4 esper. She is a teleporter who can teleport herself, and the people and objects she touches. She attends Tokiwadai Middle School. She is Mikoto's best friend and roommate. Kuroko is extremely fond of Mikoto and is always looking for ways to get closer to her. (I'm just putting it mildly here.) Kuroko is a member of Judgement, a group which maintains law and order in Academy City.
This is yet another awesome figma figure with superb likeness and poseability.

Accessories. There are two additional faces, one fierce and shouting and the other of enjoyment. There are also two interchangeable thigh parts with a strap of nails sculpted on, a school bag, a pair of handcuffs, two Judgement armbands, 10 nails and various interchangeable hands.

Kuroko would always announce to criminals that she's from Judgment while pulling on her armband.
One armband provided is sculpted with it slightly tucked to one side and there's a hand sculpted in a pinching position to make her trademark pose possible. 

While on duty, she usually wears a strap of nails around her thighs. She would teleport the nails to pin down criminals.

Two of her hands have tiny holes in them so you can insert the nails provided. The nails are made of metal. Yes that's right, metal! It makes Wolverine figures look bad. There are 10 nails provided. You only need 6 at most and the rest are spares. They are very tiny and you have to take extra care not to lose them. I almost lost one while taking the photos...  

Kuroko loves nothing more than hanging out with Mikoto.

They have fought together many times.

Kuroko dislikes other people from getting too close to Mikoto. Touma gets attacked a lot by her for this.

Comparison shot of three of the main characters. There's a height difference between the three which is how it should be.

Great figure. Thanks for viewing!

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