Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man 3 Artist Projects at VivoCity

The Iron Man 3 Hot Toys Collectible Figurines Exhibit at VivoCity has been updated to showcase the Iron Man 3 Artist Project figures. Designers were invited to customise Iron Man. These are some of their work.

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Holographic Iron Man (Testing Version 1)
Designer: Hot Toys Production Team 

Holographic Iron Man (Testing Version 2)
Designer: Hot Toys Production Team

To Protect and Serve
Designer: Bernardo Esquivel (USA)

Designer: Derek Kwok (Hong Kong)

Firefighter Iron Man
Designer: Derek Kwok (Hong Kong)

Designer: Anthony Mestas (USA)

Designer: Heath Hammond (USA)

Moon Speaker Battle Suit
Designer: Jason Siu (Hong Kong)

Spring Pattern Iron Man
Designer: Lee Yoong Young (Korea)

More information on the designers and their design concept for this Iron Man project may be found on the Action City Facebook.

The work done on all these figures is fantastic. I like the Castaway suit the best. It's a space suit with an adventure feel. It gives Iron Man something different from the usual. I also like the Holographic Iron Man (Testing Version 1). With the right lighting it would look really cool. 

To view more images from Iron Man 3 Hot Toys Collectible Figurines Exhibit, click here.

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