Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask

Here's a look at the Iron Man 3 Arc FX Mission Mask. With this mask kids, as well as adults can pretend to be Iron Man. Let's check out what features it has.


There's a slid in the back of the box so you can peer through to get a feel of looking through the mask when activated. This is cool especially since we don't usually get to try out higher priced roleplay items in stores.

Here's the mask out of the package. It's well constructed. Holding it in hand, it feels really solid. The shape of the mask is good and it's also well painted. The blue coloured missile launchers and the targeting light box at the top are a little distracting. It would have been been really cool if they were concealed and popped out when activated.

Here's the back view. It's only half a helmet this time round unlike the Iron Man 2 version. There are adjustable straps to secure it better to your head. 

There are 4 missiles included with the mask. You load them in the front, 2 on each side. You have to push them in until you hear the "click" sound. To fire, you push the button at the side of the helmet. The missles will launch from the side you pushed.

Pushing the buttons will illuminate the eyes.

As well as activating the targeting light effect at the top of the helmet.

There are also various sound effects and two voice recordings. One of which is of Jarvis and the other is of "yourself", that is "Iron Man". Here's a sample of it.


The Arc FX Mission Mask is a very cool roleplay toy and I'm sure kids would love it. I love it! And I wouldn't mind wearing it to events. It's available at Toys R Us and all major department stores.

Thanks for viewing!