Thursday, June 6, 2013

UPCOMING: NERF Power Play 2013

Date: 17 June - 23 June 2013
Venue: NEX Shopping Mall Atrium Level 1


Calling all NERF Fans! Come June 17th to 23rd, expect non-stop, adrenaline-pumping action as HASBRO Singapore’s announces the return of the long-awaited NERF tournament – NERF POWER PLAY 2013. Fans can form teams of three for a chance to take home the illustrious title of Singapore’s very own NERF National Champions.
To be held at NEX Shopping Mall, Atrium, Level 1, from 17th to 23rd June, NERF enthusiasts can expect to revel in ‘NERF culture’ as organisers, Hasbro Singapore, has put together a myriad of Nerf Blasters displays and tryout booths that will give fans a full NERF-themed carnival affair. The carnival will take place throughout the week starting from 17th June, whereas the tournament proper will only begin from 21st June with the preliminary rounds.

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Battle for NERF Power Play 2013

From 21st June, up to 64 teams will battle it out, displaying fortitude, accuracy, agility and teamwork in a series of exciting matches in a bid to be crowned Singapore’s NERF champions. Each intense match will last a total of eight minutes and the team that has amassed the most number of points by planting their team’s flag at the opponent’s home base will advance to the next round. The blasters which will be used in the tournament are Nerf Elite Strongarm, Nerf Elite Rough Cut 2x4 and Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16. All blasters will be provided by the event organizer.

NERF enthusiasts interested in taking part in the second edition of the tournament can sign up via the website where they can sign up for either of two categories – the Youth Challenge, for participants between the ages of 8 to 17; or the Open Category, for participants aged 18 to 55. The grand prize for the Youth Challenge and Open Category are $300 Cash and $1200 respectively. Top four winners from each category will also walk away with three sets of NERF Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12, Spectre Rev-5 and Hail-Fire as well.

Miss Joy Koh, General Manager of Hasbro Singapore said, "It’s been two years since our first tournament and the response then was overwhelming. Singapore has an active NERF community and we are looking forward to the NERF POWER PLAY 2013 as it provides an opportunity for the NERF community and other enthusiasts in Singapore to come together for a gripping day of excitement and exhilaration. Singaporeans will now have a chance to witness our country’s sporting best battle it out."
The previous NERF Tournament was organised in 2011 and saw an overwhelming response from applicants. All available slots were filled within a week from when registration began.

Sign Up to Battle with "Ah Boys to Men" Cast

To add to the NERF festivities, fans can also expect a special appearance from the cast of the local hit film "Ah Boys to Men" on 23rd June. The quartet of Tosh Zhang, Noah Yap, Wang Wei Liang and Maxi Lim from the block-buster film will be decked out in full uniform and equipped with the latest NERF blasters and will go head to head against two lucky fan teams.

Interested fans who wish to battle against the "Ah Boys to Men" (ABTM) cast can sign up at Hasbro Singapore’s Facebook page (Direct link: NERF Off with "Ah Boys to Men") In addition, ABTM supporters can also ready their cameras as the young stars from FLY Entertainment will also be posing for photos after their NERF battle.

NERF Carnival

"We’ve also put together a series of exciting activities which NERF fans and neophytes alike can enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned ‘NERFER’ or are new to the sport, we have a myriad of different booths and displays which will be fun, even for the whole family!" Ms. Koh added, referring to the NERF Electronic Activity Booths where the public can experience first-hand the latest range of NERF blasters from the Elite Range with range performance of up to 20metres.
The carnival will also see the launch of the latest line of NERF Elite blasters from Hasbro including the NERF Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12 and NERF Elite Spectre Rev-5.

The quest to crown Singapore’s NERF National Champions will begin from 21st June, To register your team of three, visit the official website for the NERF POWERPLAY 2013, Registration will close on 14 June 2013, interested teams are encouraged to register early, as team applications are limited. Registration fees apply.


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