Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Iron Man 3 Assemblers Wave 1

I've just gotten a bunch of the Iron Man 3 Assemblers. The whole of wave 1 in fact. There's the Mark 42, War Machine, Iron Patriot, Stealth Tech Iron Man, Hypervelocity Iron Man and Starboost Iron Man.

The packaging for this series is a clear window box rather than the usual carded bubble. It makes removing and replacing the figures much easier. And with the flat rectangular shape, it makes packing them easier too. 

Check out the different armours. The cardback image will change every 10 seconds.

All the figures are well sculpted and have good detail. The paint on them is decent. I would have liked if Iron Patriot was in a darker shade and Starboost (white) had more paint on the back.
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Each figure comes with interchangeable parts and accessories. There are holes in the forearms and calf area where you can attach the accessories.

All the figures have only 5 points of articulation. They each have a ball joint neck, peg hinge shoulders and peg hips. It's greatly reduced from what we got with the Iron Man 2 figures. It's fine if you're just building your armory. For me, I like to play with my figures and would have liked at least elbow and knee joints.

I'm sure by now you've seen Iron Man 3 and saw the many suits of armour in the movie. This toy line attempts to give us many suits without having us buy up all the different types. This is done by making the parts interchangeable. The arms and legs of all the figures are interchangeable and the accessories may be used on any figure of the line. Hence the "Assemblers" name. 
The parts can be swapped fairly easily except for some of the legs where it can be a tight fit. The combinations are endless. The kids will have fun with this. We can make our very own Iron Man. If you want your figure to stand better, keep in mind to use the same legs. The legs of some of the figures are of different lengths and may cause the figure to stand slanted.

I've come up with a number of combinations for you to view. The image will change every 5 seconds.


Tony Stark looks to be having fun.

Comparison shots. These figures will fit in fine with previous Iron Man movie figures and other 3.75" scale Marvel lines. They may appear a little short but that's due to them having a wider stance.

You can view all the images here. 
Images of the individual figures are in the gallery as well. 

The Iron Man 3 Assemblers by Hasbro are available at Toys 'R Us and major department stores. Get more additions for your armory, recreate the final action scene from Iron Man 3 or buy a gift for the kids.  
Thanks for viewing! 

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

GREAT pics. I know those caught a lot of flak, but they look fun

Jason said...

Thanks! Yup. Articulation aside, they're not bad at all.