Sunday, April 28, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Skystalker

Do you feel a chill? Here's a look at the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Skystalker.

For those following, here's Chapter 12 of the Tales of the Beast Hunters. Click to enlarge. 
The beast mode is cool. It looks like a frost dragon. The narrow eyes and bony claws make him look menacing. There's nice sculpted detail on his wings. I love the colours aside from the yellow bits. There's some white lightly painted on his wings further empahasing his cold based abilities. 

He can fire discs from his wings. They can be aimed towards almost every direction. I would have preferred if the disc launchers could be swiveled fully. As it is we have to adjust the wings as well to position them.

Here he is without the discs. He looks better without them.

Skystalker is very poseable in beast mode and he can stand well.

Say "Ahhh"

A shot with the other deluxe class beasts.

Skystalker's transformation is easy. He just basically stands up from his beast mode. The robot head is hidden within the beast's mouth which is cool. The other nice bit of transformation is the hands swivel out and the claws peg to his forearms. The crotch pieces don't stay together well.

The robot mode is okay. I don't like the bird legs. The underside of his forearms are exposed and hollow. The tail could have had one more hinge so that it folds up to his back. The wings don't have to be vertical.

The wings weigh him down so he needs to lean forward to stand properly. This may have been planned for as there's a piece which can be extended from his heels and there's also the tail to prop him up when he does fall.

If you find the normal bot mode not to your liking, you can try the "duck" mode. I just realised, he's spotting Donald Duck's colours.

I quite like the look of his head. It reminds me of a bandit wearing a mask. It's a nice mean look for a Predacon, more so with the teeth baring above.      

The disc launchers are able to swivel forward in bot mode as well.

The removeable peice from his tail tip may be attached to the back of his hand and used as a fist weapon.

Articulation. His head can move up and down, the dragon neck can be turned 45 degrees each side, hes' got ball joint shoulders, swivel hinge elbows, waist rotation, ball hips, single hinge knees, single hinge calves which bends forwards and ankle hinge. Due to his claw feet, there's not many ways we can pose him. 

Group shot and comparison.

You can view all the images here.

Skystalker is a cool, fun figure. Get another pet for Shockwave today! Thanks for viewing!

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Dr Syn said...

I'm tempted to buy all the deluxe dragons just to have the BH Cyberverse Bulkhead remold battle them.