Saturday, April 20, 2013

Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man Preview Showcase and "Become Iron Man" Experience

The Super Alloy Iron Man Preview Showcase by Play Imaginative is being held at Bugis Junction Level 1 (outside Hotel Intercontinental) from 19 April to 5 May 2013. The opening hours are from 10am - 10pm daily. I dropped by the first day for a look.

Here's the setup. The area is a little narrow. Expect photographers to jump in ahead of you and getting bumped into. It's not easy to get a clear shot without someone else on the opposite side of the display. I suggest going when the place opens or after lunch on weekdays. I think there'll be less people then.  

There's lots of new goodies to see so let's get to it. You can click on the images to enlarge. And the link to the gallery is at the bottom of the page.
The following figures are all in the 1/4 scale.

Here's the Tony Stark interchangeable head that only comes with the Iron Man MarkXLII exclusive edition. This is the initial sculpt. The description in the case mentioned that he will have a battle scar. If you pre-order the exclusive edition before 25 April 2013 you can receive 2 complimentary tickets to the movie preview of Iron Man 3 on 25 April 2013. Visit the Play Imaginative site for additional information.

The MarkVII which we've seen before was also on display along with the Hall of Armor
To be revealed on 24 April 2013 are the 1/12 scale figures! Look out for that!


Ever wanted to be Iron Man? Well now you can. Located just beside the Play Imaginative showcase is the "Become Iron Man" Experience.

Thanks to Marvel Studios, you can well... become Iron Man.

Using motion sensor technology, you can put on and test the Mark 42 armour. "Jarvis" will guide you through the process. By stretching out your hand and lifting up your leg, the various armour pieces will come flying out and attach to you on screen. You can then move about in the armour. In the first part, some music will play and you can dance to it. The next two parts are where you test the repulsors and then the flight capablilities. 

The experience is free to try and photos of you will be taken as well. Additional information in the image below.

There is also a display of Hasbro's Iron Man 3 products.

And you can watch clips from Iron Man Armored Adventures.

Head on down to Bugis Junction and check it out! And as if you need a reminder, Iron Man 3 opens 26 April 2013. That's just a week away! Don't miss it!

You can view all the images here.
Additional photos will be uploaded next week.
Thanks for viewing!

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