Monday, April 22, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man Exhibit at Action City Bugis Store

Here's another dose of Iron Man for you. The Action City store in Bugis Junction has a Hot Toys Iron Man exhibit. More images within.

Here's a quick view of the store front.

It's hard to miss the awesome 1:1 lifesize statue of the Mark 42.

The main attraction of course are the Hot Toys figures and there are several upcoming Iron Man figures on display. Including the Mark 42 and Iron Patriot from Hot Toys' MMS Diecast Series . 
Click on the images to enlarge. There are also a couple more images in the gallery. 

Here's the Armor Testing Tony Stark.

The Avengers: Battle Damaged Mark VII (Movie Promo Edition). Action City has secured 600 of these. Scroll through the Action City Facebook page to see how you can get one.   

And there are a number of the older Hot Toys Iron Man figures on display as well.

Head on down and check it out for yourself.

You can view all the images here.
Thanks for viewing!

(To see images from Action City's Hot Toys Collectible Figurines Exhibit at Bugis Junction Level 1, go here.)

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