Friday, April 19, 2013

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Cyberverse Abominus

I just got the Beast Hunters Cyberverse series 3 so finally, "Terrorcons! Merge into Abominus!".

First some quick images of the new figures. You can find the link to the full gallery at the bottom of the page.
Here's Cutthroat... I mean Windrazor.

I like the wingspan of his beast mode.

Next up is Rippersnapper. He's got a nice, strong looking bot mode.

I'm not too sure what to make of his beast mode. He looks like a pregnant dino. The body is disjointed and the back is hollow.

Blight is my favourite of the new figures. He's compact and proportionate in both modes. I love the colours too.

One annoying thing about his beast mode are the fists showing at his legs.

Accessories. Windrazor and Rippersnapper have the same weapon. They are called a Tornado Bow and Electrocharge Bow respectively. Blight carries an Affliction Hammer. It is the same weapon that came with Twinstrike. 

Some group shots.

The five of them combine to form Abominus. I don't expect much from a Cyberverse Legion Class combiner but I can't help but feel disappointed. The head and body is too small, and the thighs are thin and long. There are only four main articulation points, those being the shoulders and the hips. He can't lift up his arms to throw a punch as the arms are too heavy for poor Hun-Gurrr to lift. And positioning his legs in any other way than straight down will have him sliding and falling. This is due to the loose hips joints on Hun-Gurrr. The limbs by themselves look okay. And I like the mostly G1 colours.

As there were no instuctions given, I had to figure out how to configure the limbs. The arms are pretty straight forward. Here's how I transformed the legs.

The main connecting piece for the legs is the cyclindrical part. The legs stay on well.

The weapons can be combined to form a larger weapon. Here's what I came up with. Twinstrike's hammer is of a lighter grey... It's very annoying. Anyone want to donate their Blight's accessory? Lol.

Abominus can hold the weapon in either hand. It's not going to be of much use if he can't hold it up to shoot.

So are the arms and legs interchangeable? Yes to some degree. The arms can become the legs. You connect them by putting the pegs in the dragons' mouth. There are no pegs on Rippersnapper or Blight so we can't attach them to the shoulders the same way as the usual two.

So what I did was to remove the claws on Hun-Gurrr's forearms. Then turn the arms down and use the forearm peg and plug it into the body cavity. The arms will stay on but will drop off once you try to move them. Still it's an option for you.

Some comparison shots.

Individually, the "Terrorcons" are decent Cyberverse figures. With the exception of Rippersnapper, I can't get over his awkward beast mode. I like that they can combine. The execution unfortunately was poor. As I said before, the limbs are okay. If only the body portion was better.  
You can see all the images here.
Thanks for viewing! 

*See the post on Hun-Gurrr for first encounter.


flywheels said...

I think I prefer these in their individual forms...

Dr Syn said...

Their combined mode is a nice bonus that'll make want them all.

However I think like, Colbey Hooper posted, that the individual forms are fantastic.

Easily worth getting all five just for bot and beast modes.

I have a feeling I'll be getting extras to mix and match and customize into more monster formers.