Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Play Imaginative Super Alloy Iron Man 3 1/12 Scale Figures Reveal

Today is 24 April 2013, which means the 1/12 scale Super Alloy Iron Man figures from Play Imaginative were revealed.

I have some interest in this line. The figures are in the 1/12 scale meaning they are about 6". They could fit in with Marvel Legends.
On to the images. Keep in mind that these are just display prototypes.

Five figures were revealed. They are:
Iron Man Mark 42

War Machine 2.0

Iron Patriot


Night Club

The figures are scheduled to be released later this year so look out for them.
There are a couple more shots of them in the gallery which you can view here.
Click here to see more from the Play Imaginative Super Alloy Preview Showcase.
And as promised, additional shots have been uploaded to that gallery which you can view here.  
Thanks for viewing!

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