Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Transformers Generations G2 Ultimate Gift Set

Here's a look at the Transformers G2 Ultimate Gift Set which showed up in some stores last week.

Like the old grid style deco on the packaging. 

This is a mismatched set of figures. We have deluxe class Autobots against legends class Decepticons. First up is Motorbreath. He's a nice little well painted figure. Like the sword, it looks similar to Menasor's.

Comparison with TakaraTomy EZ Collection G2 Optimus Prime. Motorbreath basically uses the same mould. The one difference is that there is a hole at the back of his head where you can attach the sword.

Next is the legend class Thundercracker. Love the colour and the painted Deceptiocon logos. This particular version has holes in the wings and comes with two removeable cannons. Its the same figure as the GDO Thundercracker.

Comparison with the Hasbro legends class Starscream. There was an EZ Collection Thundercracker which was a repaint of Starscream.

Combat Hero Optimus Prime is my least favourite of the set. Probably because I'm not used to seeing him in this colour. And together with his "sharpish head", it makes him look more like a Decepticon.


Comparison with Reveal the Shield (RTS) G2 Optimus Prime. Definitely prefer the RTS version.


Lastly, here's G2 Jazz. Its a repaint of RTS Jazz. The painted design is not the same as the original G2 figure but there are some elements of it here. Such as the music notes on the doors and his name on the spoiler. I think this design is better. Its not as repetitive and the the light colour tone gives off that G2 vibe.  

Comparison pics. Choosing some orange paint must have been the start of how he evolved into Wheelie. Lol. The white on this figure is brighter than the RTS Jazz.

The full image gallery can be viewed here.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the pics. I probably won't get this set (not a fan of repaints) so will just look at your pics. ;)

Unknown said...

Sigh, spoke too soon. Just got this set at 20% sale LOL

Jason said...

LOL. I've done that before. You just have to get something when there's a discount.