Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Justice League Unlimited Aquagirl, Future Static & Micron

Here's a look at the Justice League Unlimited (JLU) Aquagirl, Future Static and Micron. I had a feeling that these final figures would be released, even back when it was announced that the Fan Collection 7-pack would be the last of the line.

This is my kind of 3-pack, all new characters and no repeats. 

Ladies first. Aquagirl has a decent headsculpt. It's a little too big though. She looks kind of "high" and she's pouting a little. I think a more natural look would be better. Her eyebrows are painted too high and straight. Her body is a standard JLU female figure base, with shoes on her feet. She's supoosed to be barefooted. I'm not too bothered by it. It won't be noticeable once she goes into the display anyway. 

Micron has the ability to shrink and enlarge. He must have lost control somewhere as his head is too big. Longish too. His logo is well painted on. And like many other JLU figures, he suffers from weak ankles. 

Future Static is the best looking figure of the lot. He's got a great headsculpt. I think his hair was styled too wide. He's the only one who can stand properly on his own. His coat is removeable. But as his arms are sculpted with sleeves, there's not much point in doing so. The sleeves are a little too long and they cover his hands partially.

Here's a quick comparison shot.

And some group shots.

So close to finishing the JLU of the future. Unfortunately, its not going to happen. Thanks for viewing!  


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Love that Micron figure- know nothing of the character, but I like his coloring

Jason said...

He appeared in Batman Beyond. He's a member of the JLU in the future. His powers are similar to Atom's. The colour scheme could be based on that.