Saturday, October 27, 2012

DC Action League Series 5

I mentioned before that I wouldn't be getting the whole Action League Flashpoint wave. Well I managed to keep my word. Just barely. LOL. Though all of the characters from the wave are in the image above, one of them doesn't belong. 

And that would be The Flash. The figure I'm using is from series 1. The actual figure from this series uses the same sculpt but has a translucent body. I was thinking I wouldn't display him so decided to get Citizen Cold on his own.
Citizen Cold was my main want from this wave. I'll be using him as Captain Cold. Luckily they wear similar costumes. He's got a great sculpt. And I love the gun with the ice blast, it has some cool (doh!) detail on it. He's going to block other figures with his arm and weapon extended like that so he'll have to take a spot in the back of  a display. Hes got four points of articulation, at the neck, shoulders and waist. He will fall depending on how you pose him. 

This Batman figure is of the Thomas Wayne (Bruce's father) Batman.  The red circle behind the emblem and red belt differentiates him from the regular Batman. I think he's supposed to have red eyes too. He spots an angry expression on his face and from his pose, looks to be hopping mad. He's actually in the midst of kicking something. He has articulation at the neck, shoulders and waist.  He comes with a stand. I forgot to use it when taking the pics. He can stand okay on his own for some poses.

In the Flashpoint story, Superman had been kept locked up as a child and had never seen daylight, hence his pale complexion. The figure has some resemblance to Superman. The signs point to Bizarro more. What with the messy hair, dark eyes and the S and number 1 on his chest. He has the same articulation as Batman.

I quite like the armour Wonder Woman is wearing. She would look better if the dark grey areas were made even darker, like in the comic. She only has articulation at her neck and shoulders.

Aquaman has a military look about him, with the buzz cut and stripes down the sides of his pants. His gloves and pants are painted glossy black which add to the military feel. He's supposed to have a scar across his nose. Wonder Woman can help with that. I'll assist with a penknife. LOL just kidding. He comes with his trident and also a base. 

The Cyborg, Element Woman 2-pack is the most worth it pack to get. In Cyborg you got a solid figure with good colours and detail. And he's able to stand well. He has articulation in the neck, shoulders and waist.
Element Woman has a good amount of detail. You can make out different detail for her different elemental abilities. Paint wise there's quite a bit of bleeding at her white costume areas. Shes only got articulation at her neck and shoulders.

I read that the last known assortment of Action League has finally started appearing in some stores in the US. We can finally get the likes of Shazam and Atom with Plastic Man glider. Look out for them. Thanks for viewing! 

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