Monday, May 30, 2011

Captain America movie 4" Hydra Soldier (Dark Threat)

Hail Hydra ! A look at the deluxe pack Hydra Soldier. 

The Hydra soldier looks well protected in that thick suit. Its got some nice details with the lines, creases and pockets. He reminds me of something out of Star Wars. The helmet resembles that of a medical droid, and the suit looks like Darth Vader's costume. Here's a thought, do a head swap with Darth Vader, then he'll be a genuine "dark threat".  

The armor and weapons are removable, and also the belt, which I didn't expect. Almost missed it at first, the catch for the belt is concealed as one of the pouches. Been thinking of making a MU style Batman and the belt will certainly be useful. 

All suited up. Now he has slightly better odds against Captain America.

The Hydra Soldier comes with 4 projectiles. Two orange and two blue which are overly long. I like to think the blue missiles as ice blasts, then he'll be carrying a flamethrower and a freeze gun.

Decent articulation. Rotation at the neck, ball shoulders, elbows bend and swivel, ball hips, upper thigh swivel, knees bend and swivel. With the chest armour on, he cannot lift his arms. 

Not a bad figure. I might get one more at the most. I'm more interested in the upcoming standard carded Hydra Trooper. Its cheaper too.       

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