Monday, May 16, 2011

Green Lantern Classics B'dg, Despotellis, Dex Starr

Woohoo a DC Classics three-pack !... Hey..... I only see two figures... oh... that yellow thing counts as one ?... Okaaayy...

Lots of space in the package, can't help but feel a bit ripped-off. Lucky thing this pack contains the torso piece of Stel or I'll really be mad.

B'dg is my favourite of the two furry creatures. Nice head sculpt and fur. Proportions look right. Good paint. He can stand well too.  

Dex Starr looks a bit of a gentleman, well groomed, hair combed back and a straight posture. Nice teeth too. Decent overall, maybe a darker shade of blue would be better. He cannot stand on his own and needs his tail for support.   

Quiz time. From the above pics, was Despotellis rotated ?

I like Dex Starr's paws. Cute. Some claws would have been nice.

Dex Starr comes with a blast of red plasma or "vomit". Looks like he can spew it very well. 

Here's an idea of how Mattel could have released these.

Run along now.



Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Ha Ha :D
I saw this wave in it's entirety at Wal_Mart acouple weeks a go & kick myself for not buying it- Stel is reason enough, but it is one of the more interesting waves they put out, character-wise

Jason said...

Yup. This is a good wave, liked all of them.